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 How the Military Accidentally Discovered the Universal Cosmic Mind

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How the Military Accidentally Discovered the Universal Cosmic Mind Empty
PostSubject: How the Military Accidentally Discovered the Universal Cosmic Mind   How the Military Accidentally Discovered the Universal Cosmic Mind Icon_minitimeThu Aug 26, 2010 12:40 am

By Gerald O'Donnell / Source: One Universal Mind

In July 1998 we wrote a revolutionary article explaining the location of the Mysterious Universal Mind (collective unconscious) of psychoanalysts, quantum physicists, mystics and spiritual believers.

We stated that we, as humans, can all connect to this Gigantic Mind unifying all of us across time/space and far beyond, and that we ALL do so every night as we quiet down greatly our individual linear thinking minds and enter the mind area of unconscious sleep.

We contend that all minds are connected to a Gigantic Cosmic Mind called by psychoanalysts and psychologists the collective unconscious.

Only unconscious until now, for our goal is to bring it to conscious awareness.

This Cosmic Mind goes well beyond the level of the collective unconscious of man as it operates also the natural and biological world and much more as is explained on our site.

It is Infinite Intelligence Itself. It is non-linear in nature, but allows for linear processes to operate within Its Infinite Self.

In the sleep state ALL human beings rest as their brain centered linear-thinking-mind lowers its electrical activity to below 4 cycles per second. The brain is then only vibrating at a low hum and stops filtering in awareness the Higher Mind and overlaying it with our own thoughts. At that level of quiet and barely active linear mind we are entering the Universal Mind and lose our individual consciousness (we go into unconscious sleep).

From Wartime Intelligence to Infinite Intelligence

In 1996, as the cold war died down many teams of highly specialized former psychotronic military and intelligence agents came out in the open, in the US and in both Western and Eastern Europe, and started to disclose the operation of mind-to-events and mind-to-mind covert operations in which they had been involved.

In the dark era of paranoid psy warfare between the Western and the Eastern block, very sophisticated and brilliant scientific minds had been gathered in the West in order to breach the ultimate frontier of mind/matter and affect mind-to-event viewing (Remote Viewing and Sensing which means the ability to view/sense remote events and remote locations in the screen of your own mind) and try to increase our ability to Remotely Influence present or future events (life manifestation) and people (telepathy) through mind power alone. Much technological gadgetry was tried and sometimes used.

The secret of manifestation was being applied in a twisted manner, as it happens with most of man's illusory temporal dreams for conquest and power.

Nevertheless, great strides were being achieved at the same time, and success was noted and recorded, although much of it is still classified. All Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing operatives successes were carefully monitored and recorded using highly sophisticated scientific devices.

Many different and then classified training protocols and modalities were devised in secret government labs and implemented in inducing more or less successfully these supermind states and feats.

DECLASSIFIED: CIA Secrets Leaked Out

In 1995 a small group of former viewers started to operate in the public arena as the CIA and DIA declassified most of its Remote Viewing information to the general public.

William Ross Adey, M.D. 1922-2004, Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, Los Angeles, wrote in the 50ís about the relationship between the deep Theta state 4.5 cps and the ability to Remote Influence others. In his pioneering work, Dr. Ross Adey determined that emotional states and behavior can be remotely influenced merely by placing a subject in an electromagnetic field.

By directing a carrier frequency to stimulate the brain and using amplitude modulation to shape the wave to mimic a desired EEG frequency, he was able to impose a 4.5 CPS theta rhythm on his subjects. Although he used physical protocols (microwave radiations) to induce such a state and achieved results, he never could really give an explanation as to WHY this deep meditative brain state and its associated physiological brainwave state were needed to achieve success.

Although the deep Theta phenomenon was scientifically recorded and duplicated, no one gave a logical and coherent explanation as to why this stage of mind epiphenomenally associated with 4.5 CPS brainwaves was inducing such extra-ordinary mental abilities.

For until now, few have really understood and especially integrated the fact that we are still, at a very deep level of mind, the collective unconscious which, as a subpart of the Universal One, takes care of ALL of humanity at once.

Unleash The High Mind's Power Within You: The Real Secret Behind The Mind's Frontier

In 1997 many former Western psy operatives and scientists were now sharing some insight on the recently declassified very mechanical protocols favored by the intelligence establishment. Many news organizations, radio shows, and TV documentaries extensively reported on what appeared to the general public to be a very exotic topic formerly reserved to the realm of science fiction and X-Files shows.

We then came out also in the open, and revealed in 1997 a totally different approach. We openly declared that the secret to Remote Viewing lies in the ability of successfully positioning one's mind at the border of sleep in a very deep Theta 4.5 cycle per second brain state.

At this level of reduced brainwave activity the conscious human mind can access information originating from the Cosmic Collective Unconscious Mind. Our Remote Viewing course trains anyone to do so.

We were also the first mind science institute ever to push the mind frontier further and introduce in 2002 Remote Influencing training protocols which allow any trainee to enter with FULL AWARENESS (remaining aware) the sleep state (Delta state with brainwaves below 4 Hz) for advanced Remote Viewing and powerful Remote Influencing.

At that level of mind operation, one merges the sleeping world (Universal mind) and the waking world as one stays awake and conscious while one's body rests and sleeps.

We and many very advanced mind labs have shown that the brain-manís electrical thought expression machine, operates above and superimposes over a much deeper and far more intelligent and wiser Greater Reality:

The One Universal Mind.

It is by learning to quiet down as much a possible our electrical brain electrical frequency while still remaining aware that we can connect to that interconnected reality which links all things and beings, and learn to collect information and Influence perceptually disconnected realities through Its linking processes.

More than just writing and speculating about this, we taught our students how to easily reach on command these very states of mind using very powerful and effective training protocols.

The revelation of this inner portal to Higher Mind which we all carry became our goal, and we knew that nothing we said could prove it short of directly experiencing it by our trainees.

In 1997 there were only 7 sites worldwide speaking of Remote Viewing, including ours. We were the first Remote Viewing institute to introduce the term Remote Influencing, speak about it and explain it. Today millions exist and more spring out in the open as we write.

We also wrote that the lower and very deep unconscious state of our brain was the domain of the Unifying Mind of ALL of mankind: The level of One, and that at that level we were entering the deep mysterious Spiritual level of the Universal Mind, which we all revisit every night and permanently do so when we re-enter It at perceptual death. We are all individual expressions of It.

The response from the former military and intelligence community was to first scoff at such a notion, since this notion of the Unity of all men was very difficult for them to swallow. Why provoke peace when conflict is what you are all about?

Direct Personal Experience Like No Other

Our approach has always been that no amount of learning or books will ever replace direct personal experience and this is what made our system of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing courses unique and very powerful.

We had written extensively about the Universal One Mind, but it was now time to allow any and every one to experience it for themselves. It was time to train many into experiencing at the very least the borderline areas of this Gigantic Infinite Mind: a level of much Higher perception and operation.

It was time for sleeping-man walking the awake state of human mind to really awaken to its sleeping dormant and glorious hidden nature.
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How the Military Accidentally Discovered the Universal Cosmic Mind
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