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 New planet discovered with intelligent life

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New planet discovered with intelligent life Empty
PostSubject: New planet discovered with intelligent life   New planet discovered with intelligent life Icon_minitimeSun Jan 29, 2012 7:53 pm

There can now be now more denying it - intelligent alien life is a reality.

Renowned researcher Dr Paul Squires and I have unearthed evidence of a visit by HUMANS to the distant planet Frondar.

The news has been received with a great deal of scepticism and even ridicule. This is not in the least bit surprising; although most people are willing to accept that life "probably does exist" elsewhere in the universe, we have all been conditioned to regard such life as science fiction. Anyone who claims they have had any contact with extraterrestrial life is regarded as a fraudster or mentally ill.

We have set up a blog to give details of the remarkable discovery that has been made on the planet Frondar. Although originally my intention was to keep this a secret, I have since been persuaded by friends and colleagues that the world must share this revolutionary information, and the blog can now be located at the address at the end of this post.

The blog is basically a detailed account, entry by entry, of the findings of the unit commander whose team arrived on Frondar, and the intelligent life they have discovered. The race in question is half mammal, half plant, and has managed to achieve total mastery of inter-species communication. On Frondar, language is no barrier; earthworms can talk to people and trees can talk to birds, all thanks to another race of tiny creatures called Mimbs.

Unfortunately the visiting team does not possess a camera, most of their equipment having been severely damaged or destroyed upon arrival transference. But the crew members have done their best to produce sketches of what has been seen. Some of these are more detailed than others.

I have been constantly asked the question "how far away is Frondar?" and "how did they get there?" I must now emphasise two things. First, the exact distance between Earth and Frondar may surprise you. It is not ten light years, nor a million light years, but physically the planet Frondar can be located just half a centimetre away. And that leads me to the next point. How did they get there? Not in a vast spacecraft. To travel to Frondar one must make a step sideways rather than up and out into space. And one very important clarification I must make is that the traveller's state of mind is also crucial. I notice that many UFO-spotters talk of the importance of being mentally prepared and focused in order to witness the presence of UFOs and their occupants. The same is true of travelling to Frondar - it is the planet Earth in a different dimension, hence the tiny physical distance between the two worlds. With the right training, we can all reach Frondar, and its people have much to teach us.

The reaction of various authorities throughout the world to this has been mind-boggling. I myself have received death threats, and numerous attempts have been made to close the site. Even now it is not clear how long it will be before some agency of control takes this information off the web. They are afraid of people seeing the truth, and the one thing they especially do not want to see is people opening their minds. We should all do whatever we can to spread the word of this overwhelming new discovery. Our world will never be the same again.

The blog can be found at:
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Man in Black

Man in Black

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New planet discovered with intelligent life Empty
PostSubject: Re: New planet discovered with intelligent life   New planet discovered with intelligent life Icon_minitimeSun Jan 29, 2012 8:16 pm

Thank you for sharing this information. It is very interested, more because we are aware of other dimensions.
Where are readers can learn how to travel on Frondar and other places like Frondar is?

You are welcome to write about techniques to do that.
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New planet discovered with intelligent life
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