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 The Secret Life of Orbs

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PostSubject: The Secret Life of Orbs   The Secret Life of Orbs Icon_minitimeTue Jul 21, 2009 11:32 pm

Orbs - The Sceptics Viewpoint.

Much has been speculated on what orbs actually are, and more importantly, are orbs `real`, or merely light refractions, dust, insects, etc. Many orb `armchair critics` abound on the web forums, making laughable pronouncements that they are in the main 99% false by subscribing their existence always to dust or fibre anomalies.
Sometimes they use throwaway remarks such as `We have carried out complete scientific studies into orb phenomena and in the majority of cases, many were naturally explainable phenomena`. Or they will say with an assumed air of authority that others have carried out research which confirms this opinion.
The trouble is that some critics never actually back up this `evidence` with hard proof or detailed studies, nor do they adequately explain what a real orb looks like against one generated by the normal suspects such as dust, etc...
I can respect any opinion that has carried out this type of research, but the results rather depend on the criteria that they used to make these experiments in the first place.
Let me assure you that what we define as the paranormal doesn't actually exist. It is actually naturally occurring activity and only becomes `paranormal` when we say it is beyond the known laws of science.

In Defence Of Orbs

It is quite `normal` if you can accept that there is evidence of some form of existence beyond this one, and that they exist side by side in our world, and not in some darkly demonic unreality generated through fear and superstition. Many people seem uncomfortable with what they fail to understand, and such is the rush to decry and deny the existence of `orbs` as fiction or the figment of some cranks imagination.
It also looks `cool` on some paranormal websites or forums to declare that orbs are in the main explainable, but lamentably to the natural prejudice of the writer or webmaster.
A recent experience with one ghost forum revealed some darkly disturbing prejudices towards the subject of real orb activity, with many believing that they must be `dust`, or more fancifully, that they are aliens or `energy matter` (no explanation). Others believed that `real` ghosts always appear in body form, when in reality that would be a much rarer event than people are prepared to believe.
My fear is that many people are too frightened `to climb out of the box` simply for fear of being ridiculed.
Over a considerable time we have collated a significant number of orb photographs, and we feel that we can help to overcome such uninformed bigotry by trying to analyse exactly what we understand about them.

Orb Patterns

Many orbs have a clearly defined shape that is similar to the pattern of sea anemones. It is stated that orbs are the first stage manifestation of an apparition, but the picture is more complex than this assignation. The orb is actually a coiled `snake like` entity which can move freely and with independent will across and through any structure. It often retains this simplistic shape as in terms of energy and the world of physics, a circle is the shape which takes the least amount of energy to form.
Dust on the contrary, is often dull grey and `lifeless` looking, with none of the classic orb characteristics, and a careful study will reveal a dark central spot around which the light anomaly has formed, or is bisected. On many occasions, real orbs can often appear on a picture with dust or fibre anomalies, and this `muddies the waters` for some, and quite understandably so.

Many people that have witnessed orb activity have seen it through either an infrared camera, or digital still photographs which often reveals the colour falsely as white - but it is possible on occasions to witness them through a naked eye where they appear mostly as red or blue dots of light. These incidents are not that uncommon.
Sometimes an orb can form into another shape that we can readily relate to such as a person or animal.
An additional factor which clearly defines these manifestations as `real`, can be attributed to their individual uniqueness. No orb pattern is the exactly the same as the next one, as each orb (like nature and humans) is quite unique. At many of our regular paranormal investigation sites we can often identify the same orb again and again through photo or video. Quite apart from that, they also retain their original size and structure.
Like us, they come in all sizes. Quite rarely they can appear in different colours too, such as red, green, orange, yellow etc. Black orbs suggest evil, but I feel that the reality is that these colours are part of their natural uniqueness. Why this is so is not currently known or understood within our understanding of them. In natural light orbs often look grey, and grey is a familiar colour associated with `phantom` mists and apparitions. Orbs (or spiritual energies) also operate at temperatures well below ours. In many cases, people at séances or investigations often report a temperature drop as a foreboding of something evil. That temperature change is an indicator of a spiritual presence, and should not be perceived as something to be worried about.
Orbs versus Dust, Water Vapour and Insects.

Orbs can be dust, etc, and dust or moisture can appear almost everywhere.
Quite apart from that many could be tiny, almost miniscule insects buzzing around in the darkness.
Experience with digital photography actually tells a different story.
Let's examine the naturally provable phenomena of non-psychic anomalies.
I have examined a variety of locations both here in East Anglia and further a field.
In addition to using a digital still camera and my psychic senses, I also record video using analogue and digital equipment. Further I have also worked both inside and outside buildings using this equipment and have come to some startling conclusions.
The majority of orb phenomena captured have always been caught simultaneously on both still and video cameras.
The pictures and video can be compared for both structure and movement. Now `movement` is key here. A dust particle will move either in a ambient soft breeze or on a draught created by an investigators physical movement. It has also a dull, flat and lifeless look about it, and being dust or even moisture it can be pretty small and mediocre by comparison.
A real orb presents none of these symptoms. Many actually pulsate and move quite deliberately and sometimes very quickly around or away from people. It also reacts often to the presence of living people by following, or remaining nearby at a safe distance.
This is certainly nothing dust or moisture can achieve. Real orbs can also `melt` into walls or fixtures and return back through the same wall or fixture a short while later.
There are two types of common orbs that fit this description. They can be the large, or largish `ethereal` orb that has the `brain` pattern, or anemone type structure, or they can be small, but very powerful dots of light that exhibit identical characteristics to its larger cousin.
These possess intelligence, and can often pre-empt some form of psychic activity.

Another argument against the presence of dust or moisture is that often when investigating old empty buildings we very often fail to capture anything despite walking across a dusty floor or being in a room which allows rain or dampness to penetrate. Yet if we move to another dilapidated room nearby we have lots of orb activity. On other occasions we have quite the reverse result with orb presences. Now, if we are moving in a dusty or dirty environment surely our movement would be churning out lots of `false orbs`. Yet the reality is quite different. The same applies to moisture too. If you work in a damp or humid building you would expect lots more of these `false orbs`, and yet the same rules apply as in the dusty buildings scenario.
Now, please explain why this is so?
Another interesting point is that orbs have been pictured in a group split inside and outside of a building. How does dust or insects cause this to effect?
Another anti-orb argument is dust or fibre trapped either inside the lens or on the lens which can produce a false orb anomaly. Yes, it could happen, but if that were the case every subsequent shot would show the same false anomaly.

You might be thinking that I have avoided insects. Well not so.
Insects often exhibit a `staggery` movement that moves up or down or sideways and their reflective light creates a very fuzzy orb which does not melt through buildings before returning, but they can naturally react to the presence of living people. If they are much bigger - say moths etc, the `orb` light is still fuzzy but only naturally larger, and by this time you should hear their buzzing wings!

Another `killer` to the insect theory is that I and my group have worked in below freezing temperatures as well as warm or hot environments with not much different activity to compare it with.
A good example would be freezing conditions. I have never known an insect active in temperatures that fall well below freezing. Okay, I might have missed a little known species of furry little insects that are found in Greenland, but try as I might; I haven't discovered one yet…

One very last point… Most unbelievably I have also seen an orb transform to a bat like creature, and I have seen two orbs converge as one and then attempt to transmute themselves into a pair of human legs by breaking into a myriad of tiny dots of light. On the latter occasion the manifestation didn't have enough energy to go above the knees and the phenomena fell away. So, the rule here is that many orbs can in close proximity represent only one spiritual entity.

Finally, the questionable differences between using digital or `roll` film cameras.
A strength using conventional film camera`s is that they create a permanent record on a negative, and that can be stored as evidence. But the downside is that orbs, or psychic manifestations are so rarely captured by this medium. Digital cameras work in an entirely different way to film cameras. They capture without discriminating all light sources and store the data in bit streams on the memory card. Making permanent and unquestionable records would mean only using the memory card once. That can be quite expensive to those operating on a small budget.
Are Orbs Really Spirit Energies?
Part of my research into orb phenomena is to verify whether the orbs are truly spirit energies created falsely by mediums or those with spiritual inclinations, or the genuine manifestations of spirit people. Surprisingly, I would throw my hat into the ring and declare that they are both, although the latter is more common in practice. I have now proven on video that `orbs` are indeed communicable, and have amply demonstrated this many times by video example.
A Foot Note.

This article in no way discredits (nor is it intended) the work of other paranormal researchers who by their own experience feel that orb activity needs to be proved conclusively to an established and respected scientific doctrine. Unfortunately we are treading outside the norms of scientific sensibilities, and a thorough re-appraisal needs to be considered. It is good to be sceptical and have an open mind, but for others to dismiss orb activity out of personal prejudice or from a religious or political perspective is wrong and unproductive to say the least.
Remember, a few hundred years ago scientific opinion declared the world was flat, and that if you travelled far enough you would fall off the edge. Now haven't things changed! Technology is forever moving these boundaries, and each decade changes our perception of the world that we live in with improved capturing devices made more accessible through digital technological achievements. I am certain that one day we might be able to discriminate conclusively the difference between spiritual and non spiritual activity which hopefully will silence the most hardened sceptic.
For more information on this phenomenon, please read my article, ` Dust, Orbs and Sentient Energies
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The Secret Life of Orbs
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