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 How to travel to planet Frondar using the mind

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How to travel to planet Frondar using the mind Empty
PostSubject: How to travel to planet Frondar using the mind   How to travel to planet Frondar using the mind Icon_minitimeThu Feb 02, 2012 1:30 am

You may have read my recent post regarding the incredible new discovery of the planet Frondar and the intelligent Frondarian race that inhabit it (see

As I explained in my post, travel to Frondar is not achieved by taking a vast spaceship, loading it with fuel and putting the crew into suspended animation for millions of years. The journey can be completed by taking a simple step sideways into Dimension 4.

Due to interest in this subject, I have been asked to give details of how this can be achieved, which I shall now try to explain. But I must stress that this is not an easy feat, and normally a long period of training in carefully-controlled conditions is needed.

Planet Frondar is the planet Earth, in Dimension 4 instead of Dimension 3 (which is where Earth is).

We are all actually occupying the same physical space as Frondar right now! And a million other planets in other dimensions!

Physically travelling to another dimension is a complex business if you wish to achieve it quickly. You would need to use a craft with the ability to de-materialise and then re-materialise, with all its atoms reassembled in exactly the same order, but only half a centimetre away in physical distance, and at the same time able to apply the Garbax Salta Principle to ensure the dimension jump did not stall. Teleportation from one point in space to another is actually much simpler than dimension jumping - it is a fairly straightforward disassembling and reassembling sequence, and the technique has long since been mastered. This technology, however, has deliberately been kept secret from Earth humans (which is another topic I may explain later). Besides, teleportation relies on distance - it is impossible, for instance, to teleport an object one metre wide to a point in space only half a metre away, as this would occupy the same physical destination as its origin and therefore violate the law of Atomic Overlap.

But dimension jumping can be achieved within a very small physical distance, as the space entered is a different version, or interpretation of the origin space.

Anyway, you're probably scratching your head in confusion and I apologise for this. The good news is, it is possible to travel to Dimension 4 and visit planet Frondar, USING THE MIND. But please understand that this is not something you can learn to do in a day, a week or even a month. Different individuals learn this skill at different speeds, but it can take months, or even years (though this is not usually the case) of practice.

But please, do NOT tell anyone in police, military or government about this.

Here's how it works:

Sit in a comfortable position (don't lie down as you may fall asleep and might even end up trapped between dimensions). Take several deep breaths to calm yourself.

Visualise yourself sitting on an imaginary line on the space you are occupying. Look from one end of the line to another - on the far left of the line you should visualise a world with giant mulitcoloured trees (Dimension 4 - planet Frondar), and on the far right you must visualise a world of sand and fire (Dimension 2 - planet Staxx).


You need to practise this until you can literally SEE these two different worlds very clearly. As you practise you should focus more on the left side - Frondar - than the right side.

When you feel confident doing this, you can begin to visualise yourself moving across the line, to the left, Frondarian, side. You should notice the space moving as you do so, the Earth beneath you and also details such as movements in the trees, Frondarian animals appearing and so on. Take care! This stage cannot be rushed, and many people get a bit freaked out by the detail of the things they see.

Very, very gradually, session after session, you move across the line until you are mentally positioned in the planet Frondar. You will know when you have truly journeyed to Dimension 4 because the detail of the forest world will be tremendous, even overwhelming. Be prepared to see, for instance, colours that you have never seen before.

There is another stage to this process, which allows you to actually transfer your physical body to Frondar, but it is extremely dangerous and for this reason most travellers prefer to visit Frondar using the visualisation techniques I have described. I have been using these techniques for many years now and I have never been disappointed. Plus, the return journey is quick and simple - just visualise the whole process in return each time and you will return to Dimension safely.

I hope that is sufficient information for the moment. If anyone is especially keen on learning the final - physical step, let me know and I will explain it in a later post. But you practise it at your own risk.

Happy travelling!
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How to travel to planet Frondar using the mind
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