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     Red Pill or Blue Pill: How to Break Free from the Shackles of Society and Reclaim Your Status as Co-Creator

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    Red Pill or Blue Pill: How to Break Free from the Shackles of Society and Reclaim Your Status as Co-Creator Empty
    PostSubject: Red Pill or Blue Pill: How to Break Free from the Shackles of Society and Reclaim Your Status as Co-Creator   Red Pill or Blue Pill: How to Break Free from the Shackles of Society and Reclaim Your Status as Co-Creator Icon_minitimeThu Aug 26, 2010 12:44 am

    By Gerald O'Donnell / Source: One Universal Mind

    Dear Friends,

    This is Gerald O'Donnell from the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing thought and reality.

    Now, for those of you who have sampled our training courses, you will have already experienced a glimpse of the great depth of mind that you can reach and the great potentials and new horizons of human operations that are opening themselves to your awareness. But if you haven't yet, I want to open your eyes to a new reality.

    One where you will to step up and embark on a great adventure, probably and potentially the greatest one you have ever undertaken: the understanding of your Greater Self by you restricted lower self.

    In order to advance with this process, certain steps must be taken in order to climb up step by step the ladder of knowledge back to Source. Skipping steps would make for a rather tortuous trip.

    The great advantage of directly owning and having at hand our courses recorded on high quality digital CDs is that you have then the ability to immerse and refresh yourself with our training for as many times as you desire and need to.

    As most trainees can attest, every single time they go over our courses again, new experiences and talents reveal themselves and empower them, positively so. Every time they listen to the same training session, they hear new material and understand the material from a higher and different perspective. It is as if this material were to be alive. Does that sound like magic? Well it is, but it is really due to the magic operating within your own mind as you expand your awareness and hence your higher intelligence functions.

    Your Role As A Co-Creator

    The RV and RI combination course is really a transformative experience. It tends to rejuvenate you into a younger, renewed, and more exhilarated being ready to advance and expand. It will always leave you yearning for more as new horizons open themselves to your consciousness. You then come to realize how much fun mind/body and spiritual ascension can really be and what a Divine co-creator of life you really are meant to be and operate as.

    You are by far much more powerful that you can ever imagine in your present state of belief, as you all carry an innate gigantic power within yourself. This power, gifted at birth, is there for you to discover, if you only put some minimal effort at it and regain faith in yourself and our almost unlimited potential as a human family.

    As Created human parts of the Creator, we can open to higher levels of ourselves - call them, if you will, Higher selves or intelligences - who operate with much more knowledge, vision, wisdom, and creative abilities that our lower limited earthly selves. They are all accessible from within the deep and almost infinite recesses of our own inner mind.

    Although we do not yet know it or believe in it, we were birthed with the right, if we access these deeper Higher levels in awareness, to command them to please us and manifest our desires to us, instead or having it done the other way around, when they manifest life according to their desires, as is the case nowadays.

    Yes, we can rule over our subconscious realm, instead of having it rule us. Please realize the profound implications of this truth.

    Breaking The Chains Of Society

    It is time to let go of society's limited and restrictive opinions about yourself and what you can or should do about your life, no matter how well intentioned it is. It is high time for you to break the shackles in which society has constantly forced you into and programmed you from a very young age.

    It is time for you to lift yourself out of the old repeating grooves of our old matrix. It is time to stop repeating old history over and over again with ever more destructive consequences.

    Most of us, at our very core, are highly tired of it; however we do not yet see anything else looming on

    the horizon ready to replace it. We do not have Remote Vision of what we can achieve and thence how to do so. We do not have Remote Influencing talents at making our desired probable future a real future that we will experience.

    We Can Show You The Door, But Only You Can Walk Through It

    We, at the academy of RV and RI, can only show you the way. It is up to you to muster your courage, enthusiasm, and spirit of exploration, no matter what society's professional negative skeptics will throw at you. And as you know, these negative professionals or should I say, professional negatives, abound around you.

    These doors to real personal freedom are there for you to open. We can show you the way to them, however you need to make the solemn decision to open them and enter a realm where you become a new and Higher being. No one else can nor should do it for you. It is all up to you.

    This combination RV and RI course is just not one more course to be added to your library of courses and teachers. This training means your commitment to a great ascension towards becoming a new Being vibrating at much higher levels of thought and physical vibrational DNA.

    Understanding The Matrix And Your Power Over It

    Look at our recent history and particularly at our last 2 years, you cannot but notice that most of our human operational systems are now fighting for sheer survival, and as you can sadly tell, in the past 60 years most have become more powerful than the living beings who comprise them. They have taken an artificial consciousness and life of their own.

    All these matrix systems are just really dead structures, not living ones, be it societal, governmental, economical, corporate or even spiritual ones. We, as the living ones, provide them with the energy that makes them real. Hence we sustain them, not the reverse.

    Without our attention and energy, they just crumble. So it is with all human based systems, from the smallest to the largest.

    This is what defines this matrix: a fight for systems, no matter how really beneficial or detrimental they are. Each one of them has its leagues of ideologues, demagogues, and promoters who will often do almost anything to keep them energized and part of the accepted status quo.

    Releasing Our Attachment Of These Systems

    In very ancient past Creations and in future advanced ones, systems were and will only be meant to serve the living forms using them. Human created systems should only be means to sustain living humanity, however living humanity should never think of having to sustain blindly a structure, a construct.

    In the future there will be no attachment to systems, just to their results and benefits, and humanity will become much more flexible and open-minded to change.

    The key to all advancement is to permanently question, to remain like a child in a state of permanent questioning and awe.

    Look at the symbol of the question mark ?: it shows the mystical serpent of knowledge with a dot at the bottom symbolizing Cosmic knowledge and Divinity that has been projected here below with its head down. It is through our questions here on earth that the real knowledge of Creation is attained.

    Our trip as humanity is to climb back the Cosmic serpent of Knowledge .

    It is the questions that fuel your progress, not the answers. The answers that you get are all momentary truths that are really meant to arouse in you new questions, and so on and so forth.

    The answers are really gifted to you to allow you to ask new questions. The answers really have hidden within them their real purpose which is but the new questions that they contain.

    Learning = Evolution

    So please understand that if you believe blindly in old or recent answers and stop questioning, you stop your evolution into Higher and better beings of the Divine; you stop the trip of life, the chain of real evolution. And that should never be, for the purpose of life is in its trip.

    The final destination is already set up, as it is your rejoining the Oneness of the One. Your input as mankind is in experiencing the trip, as you keep asking the questions that the answers bequest you to put forward, and evolve as Humanity through it.

    So please never fear to always question the status quo, for all the existing and possible status quos are not to remain so.

    Fear is what makes us static and hence causes death. Open mindedness is what makes us dynamically move and hence propagate life.

    Our training is basically, at its core, a way to unstuck you from static beliefs. It is a way to propel you into new questions, new vistas, new realms of life exploration.

    Your Childhood Programming

    Children are not yet attached to systems, however, sadly in our societies, soon enough, their parents and their established teachers are the ones who make great efforts at programming them into fitting in into the systems who are the accepted answers on the menu du jour.

    All systems that exist nowadays, be they societal, medicinal, or spiritual, are just momentary answers that are meant for you to bring forth new questions and hence propel you into higher forms and systems of operations.

    Do not ever seek permanent and complete truth in older systems or writings for then they will only bring your co-creative abilities to a halt.

    Truth for humanity is just a signpost that you traverse in your attempt to interpret the reason for your existence, and there are an infinite amount of signposts, ready and prepared by your Creator, for you to experience

    This is the role and purpose of mankind: to constantly dynamically advance and choose new signposts, integrate the lessons, and forge ahead towards Oneness.

    So, for Higher mind training, you need to become like children again and see this world as a playground for your Creativity. If you do not do so, you then get older, and hence rigid, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and you stop the energy of life, and hence invite death.

    However if you insist on retaining your spirit of exploration and questioning, you then become younger and rejuvenate into life, youth, and real energy, which is the Creator's energy. This is the only way to real rejuvenation. All other ways to it, are but illusory falsehood.

    Understand that the Creator is experiencing and evolving through you, through your choices and experiences, as you are all the parts that give Him the experience of His Creative abilities from within His Creation.

    Please be open to deprogram yourself from past systems, let go of old scars and resentment, and look forward towards the great adventure that life really is meant to be.

    Please accept to be happy again. This is easier said than done.

    This has nothing to do with chronological age, but with attitude.

    Clean Your Slate, Play, Be A Child Again

    I repeat: become like little children again, start again with a clean slate. And what do kids do? They play and try always to have fun with life. Be serious only in your attempts to play and explore the infinite universes, the multi-dimensions of your being. And by exploration, I do not mean only the physical aspects of life but the deep inner mental and spiritual aspects of it.

    Children do not see life as a yoke but more like a happy joke. They have fun with it. They experiment all the time. They are not born in fear. Fear is taught to them. They do not accept the status quos and the guidance of adults. They question, and they take everything that is offered to them with a healthy dose of salt.

    Blue Pill Or Red Pill? The Choice Is Yours

    So my questions for you are simple:

    Are you truly happy with your state of being, with the status quo?

    Can you honestly say without lying to yourself that you think that things can continue the way they are now for much longer?

    Do you wish for the levels of fear and insecurity you have already experienced to be projected ahead, maybe even more intensely so, to your children and grand-children? If that is the case, then you should take the blue pill and go back home, as if nothing ever happened between us.

    However, if that is not the case, they I offer you the red pill, and will show you glimpses of how far the magical rabbit hole can go.
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    Red Pill or Blue Pill: How to Break Free from the Shackles of Society and Reclaim Your Status as Co-Creator
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