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 How to Direct the Power of Your Magnetic Thoughts

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How to Direct the Power of Your Magnetic Thoughts Empty
PostSubject: How to Direct the Power of Your Magnetic Thoughts   How to Direct the Power of Your Magnetic Thoughts Icon_minitimeThu Aug 26, 2010 12:28 am

By Asara Lovejoy / Excerpt from The One Command

If you have meditated or practiced regular prayer, or any kind of contemplation, then you know that you have the capacity to quiet your ordinary, rapid beta mind to a lower cycle, such as theta. If you have never formally thought to quiet your mind, realize that when you daydream or are in deep thought, you are accomplishing the same thing.

We generate an electro-magnetic field of attraction or repulsion with our thoughts through the release, from our endocrine system, of hormones and chemicals known as peptides. We generate electro-magnetic charges with our thoughts that either attract to us or repel from us our experiences.

Our thoughts travel through positive/negative receptors in every cell of our body and fire sequences in the neuro-net passages of our brain. These micro-electrical charges formed by our thinking are real. They influence our reality by magnetically attracting experiences of like kind to us in either a positive or negative manner, or by repelling experiences from us. Our unconscious thoughts that operate below our conscious awareness hold great power over our lives as they are firing the peptide messengers that unconsciously drive our choices.

When we desire to be masters and we haven't achieved it yet, there is a separation between the unconscious thoughts that are driving our choices, and the conscious thoughts of our desire.

When we understand that every thought we think operates within us, below our awareness every moment, expressing out into the world and attracting information of like kind through the energy of our electromagnetic thinking, then we understand how we are creating our lives.

Ordinary Thinking

It is important to note that we go in and out of many combinations of brain waves moment by moment, yet we can become more focused in one brain wave than another at will, even as we unconsciously operate in many frequencies daily.

The most frequently accessed brain wave, beta, that we use when we are talking and thinking, is where we also run endless programs of fear and doubt and limitation.

In the slower brain frequency of theta, we can control our thoughts, and access that great capacity of who we are. When we are in this state, we can manifest all of our good instantly. It is often unfamiliar when you connect to that wonderful part of you that is allowing, loving, supportive, and has only your best interests at heart, yet you can become easily addicted to accomplishing what you want and realizing your dreams by learning this state of you.

Your mind cannot hold two thoughts at the same time. As you begin to concentrate in another way on manifesting money, prosperity, compassion, and joy, your old way of thinking simply dissolves through lack of use. If you relax and train yourself to be open, with grace and ease, to another possibility of prosperity, then that is what you will create.

Extraordinary Thinking

As our wants and desires regulate our thinking through our feelings (micro-electrical charges), our emotional thinking can Command information from the Source of who we are in theta to manifest that in our human experience.

What you are learning now is conscious access to your theta state of extraordinary thinking. You are embarking on a journey to attain other levels of consciousness within you by consciously slowing your mind to theta. This process can become as easy and automatic as waking up in the morning and going to sleep at night.

The theta brain wave is the vessel of change from your ordinary, beta-thinking, worried state to your peaceful, theta, God Mind, and the path to your immeasurable good.

By going into theta consciously, you become the master of wealth you desire to become. It is that simple.

When we talk about the four brain waves -- beta, alpha, theta, and delta -- it is important to note that all brain waves are active in some capacity at all times. With very little practice in lowering your brain wave to the theta state and going to Source, you can investigate the many dimensions of who you are. Your greater capacity exists in such subtle energy of self that you can only know it in this relaxed theta state.

A great benefit of thinking in theta connected to Source is that you de-link from the limiting and fearful thoughts held in your subconscious mind and attract a greater, richly abundant truth without resistance, seemingly by magic.

Success Story

A wealthy businessman started to practice The One Command to reduce his anxiety and stress. His wealth had not brought him peace of mind or a sense of satisfaction. He had to be active all the time, going from one project to another to even like himself. Soon after he began lowering his brain to theta and issuing The One Command, he called me with good news.

"I am having the best sleep I have ever had in my life, he exclaimed, and my family is much happier with me. We are going on a family vacation -- an unusual event -- and I am actually looking forward to taking the time off."

In addition, he reported that through the use of The One Command, a very difficult business transaction worth over $10 million dollars had closed. "I don't think anyone would believe me," he said, "if I told them I had Commanded this deal to come through."
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How to Direct the Power of Your Magnetic Thoughts
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