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 How to get a good quality psychic reading

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How to get a good quality psychic reading Empty
PostSubject: How to get a good quality psychic reading   How to get a good quality psychic reading Icon_minitimeSat Feb 27, 2010 6:16 pm

If you have ever thought about getting a psychic reading, you have probably been a little leery of the unknown aspects of it. Before you lay down your hard earned cash, lets take a quick look at how psychic abilities work, the difference between free versus paid psychic readings and some of the things to look for so you stay away from scams. This article will explore some of the basic knowledge you should know about before choosing a psychic to get a psychic reading from.

How do psychics ply their trade? What tools do they use as they are giving your reading? Psychics, like virtually everyone else in the world, come in all shapes, sizes and colors and they use any number of tools to help them in their trade. Some use actual tools, such as tarot cards, crystal balls or even tea leaves, while others depend almost solely on using their own personal senses to "read" you or the energies around you. It is important to know that none of the tools a psychic uses are any better than or worse than those that do not use any tools at all. A Psychics abilities are based upon the abilities within the psychic, not within the tools they may choose to use.

At the same time, there are some fairly unusual things that psychic have been known to use to enable their psychic abilities to flow forth. Did you know there is actually an an ability in which the psychic read moldy cheese? As a consumer, the big thing you should look out for is that none of the tools the psychic uses requires you to consume any sort of food or drink and that the psychic will not be using a tool that could prove dangerous. I personally would stay away from psychics that claim to get their ability by swinging a sword around the room or throwing knives. But the vast majority of the tools most psychics you are completely harmless.

Is a paid reading more accurate than a free one? Sadly, there is no perfect answer to that question. There are plenty of perfectly good psychics around that are more than willing to give you basic readings for free or a low price. At the same time, psychics are just like everyone else and they have to earn a living, so few can afford to give complete, detailed readings without charging something after all, would you spend hours working on something for someone without charging for your time? This is one of the reasons why, even if you are getting a free reading, you should think about tipping the psychic if they have a place available for this to happen.

Many people will take a free reading as a way to test the psychic before purchasing a full reading and this is perfectly acceptable, but most of the time, a free reading is not going to fully answer your questions and you should not expect it to. For most psychics, a free reading will take not more than 5 minutes or so of their time. For some, by limiting the time, it allows them to help more people. For others, the limiting of time is completely financial. After all, they have to eat and pay bills just like you do.

Psychic Scams and the people that run them are like any other type of scam artist in the world and their whole purpose is to get money out of you. The easiest way to tell if you are about to be scammed is if there is a large amount of money being asked for. Being charged $100 for a reading is usually not a scam. The person giving the reading may not be accurate and you may not like what they say, but scammers are not satisfied with getting just $100 out of you. They will be the ones trying to get you to pay them $1000's. What they claim the money is for is as varied as the people running the scams, but I do not believe there is any legitimate reason for any psychic to ask you for thousands of dollars. Run from those that do and you will be fine the vast, vast majority of the time.

I hope this article has help set you on the right path to finding the perfect psychic for you personally or at the very least keep you from being ripped off by a scam artist. Peace be with you my friends.

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How to get a good quality psychic reading
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