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 Energy Versus Thought Waves

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PostSubject: Energy Versus Thought Waves   Energy Versus Thought Waves Icon_minitimeSat Feb 27, 2010 5:55 pm

The discussion of how energy and/or how thoughts work is a very detailed and complicated subject that is will beyond the scope of this web site. Yet to understand where our research into how thought waves fit into the telekinetic equation, you need some basic knowledge of how we view thought waves. For the purpose of this article, you must assume a few things. First, thought is a form of energy, in fact, everything in the Universe is composed of energy so this is not hard to accept.

Second, energy never dies, it can and does change form, (known as transmuting) but it does not die.

Last but not least, energy can move other energy. Of course based on the logical assumptions of the above, that would then mean that thought waves which are a form of energy can also move other types of energy.

If you look at the various definitions of telekinesis you can find on the internet, most will say something along the lines of "using mind power to move objects". While that is an extremely simplistic definition, is it not 100% correct. Saying "using thought energy to move objects" would be closer to being correct but even that definition is not 100% correct because we do not have a term in human language to accurately describe it.

For the purpose of this article and this web site, we will be assuming "using thought energy to move objects" is the better of the two definitions of what telekinesis is and since energy moves in waves, the best definition would be "using thought waves to move objects", althought thought energy is still perfectly acceptable.

So how exactly can you get your thought waves to move an object? That is the million dollar question and if we could get it put into words that everyone can understand completely, we would have 100% success in teachng telekinesis.

Some people describe it as "becoming one" with the object. Allowing your thoughts to leave your body and literally enter the object they are trying to move. Others see it more as breaking your thought energy down to the cellular level and breaking down the object they are trying to move to the cellular level. Then allowing those cells to mesh to the point where they can push cell against cell to get the object to move.

Still others see their thought energy as waves of energy that can literally push objects. I'm sure other people can come up with other ways of looking at it and we can not prove any one of these ideas as being right or wrong.

The only way that is right for you is the one that works for you and if anyone tries to tell you the way you do it is wrong, I strongly urge you to stay away from the person because they are more concerned with controling you than helping you.

Each person must find their own combination of techinques to get it to work for them. Many people find they try one technique over and over again until they are sure that technique will not work for them, then months or years later, they will try that same technique again and suddenly, it works!

Many people think this happens because they did not do the technique correctly during the first trials, but in reality, our minds are a muscle that strenghtens through exercise. It often takes months of effort to strenghten that unused part of the brain that controls telekinesis and all the other psychic abilities.

It is through practicing and trying to use the brain muscle that it becomes stronger and stronger. So do not think you are doing it wrong, or you don't have the ability. It is only a matter of strengthening your brain, or actually the part of your brain that is responsible for telekinesis, that will allow you to begin to use the ability.

So don't get too caught up in terminology. Just make sure you understand the basic idea behind what someone is saying them formulate it into words you are comfortable with and go for it. You never know exactly what is going to be the correct combination of factors that works for you.

Source: learn-telekinesis-training
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Energy Versus Thought Waves
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