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 The Branton File on Abductions - The OMEGA File - NAZI HISTORY PART II (Pt.4)

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The Branton File on Abductions - The OMEGA File - NAZI HISTORY PART II (Pt.4) Empty
PostSubject: The Branton File on Abductions - The OMEGA File - NAZI HISTORY PART II (Pt.4)   The Branton File on Abductions - The OMEGA File - NAZI HISTORY PART II (Pt.4) Icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2010 9:59 pm

The following is a more detailed 'chronology' released by Leading Edge Research, with a few comments of my own added:

1793 -- JOHANN ROCKEFELLER of GERMANY comes to the USA, probably the deadliest immigrant America will ever know. Not because he was a German but because he was a German RACIST with some very dangerous international banking cult connections.

1919 -- Adolph Hitler joins the Thule Society in Germany. In the Thule Society, the 'black sun' played a prominent role as a 'sacred' symbol of the Aryans. The inner core within the Thule Society are all Satanists.

(Note: Just what would motivate these Satanists in their agendas for global conquest? The answer is that they do not believe in an Almighty God, therefore they believe that they can get away with it. I'm afraid that these cultists are in for a rude awakening. This present file is evidence of that, since without the intervention of a "higher power" working behind the scenes through all of those who have contributed to this document, I can state with all confidence that you would not be reading these words right now. - Branton)

1932 -- Adolph Hitler gains control of German society enough to force scientists to work in laboratories on advanced aircraft design. Aided by the implosion vortex technology of Victor Schauberger, and the technical expertise of scientists like Schriever, Habermohl, Ballenzo and Miethe, the Germans make extraordinary progress. There is evidence that they might have been aided by contact with Gray entities from inside the Earth and an 'Ashtar' connected group of humanoid aliens in Aldebaran.

1933 -- A profusion of German 'tourists' swarm over the southwestern United States, buying land, checking mineral rights and also exploring caves and caverns. This was discovered during a background check on some of the cities [and newspapers] in New Mexico.

1934 -- the vast Rockefeller financial empire, in an effort to back German racial superiority and eugenics, financially supports Nazi Germany in collaboration with Prescott Bush [George Bush's father]. In 1929 the German Ernst Rudin enacts German Sterilization Laws.

1939 -- Operation Canned Meat begins, where the Germans stage an incident at the Polish border as a prelude to the invasion. As a result of newly acquired technology, the German scientific effort is pushed forward by leaps and bounds, and is developed at several underground research facilities at Reinickendorf, Kummersdorf and Thuringia. The earliest "pilot less aircraft" were produced in 1934, and had some moderate degree of success. The United States was quite aware of the German technical progress and sent an American named Wilson to Germany to "give technical assistance" and generally to keep an eye on German technology. It was probably by virtue of Wilson that the Germans never used their [anti] gravitational craft en mass in the war, for Wilson attained a high position in the German technical community, and switched propulsion methods from gravitational to advanced jet propulsion in an apparent effort to "get technology out there to fight the war". Because of this, German gravitational research remained in the labs and stayed in the R&D [Research & Development] phase until around 1941, when the Schriever/Miethe designs were successfully tested. It was clearly a situation where the war was going on faster than the Germans could technically develop their designs. Hampered by sabotage and deliberate technical misguidance from Wilson, as well as delays in metallurgical research which didn't result in an acceptable alloy of magnesium and aluminum until 1944, the Germans could only continue to harass allied pilots with the 'fireballs', pilot less craft developed and used since 1942 which emitted electrical fields that interfered with the operation of aviation engines.

1943 -- General Reinhard Gehlen infiltrates Soviat intelligence. Gehlen forms a partnership with Allen Dulles [a Bavarian Illuminist and American 'Nazi'], which results in the creation of the CIA [and some years later the more powerful NSA] from a core of Nazi SS intelligence officers brought to the US under the auspices of Operation Sunrise, Overcast, and Paperclip.

1945 -- The British discover German plans for advanced craft and joined the efforts of the United States to subvert the German program. Obviously those agents who would later become the core of the 'CIA' were not involved in this attempt to subvert the secret German projects, in that the CIA was originally established as a fifth-column for Bavarian intelligence operations in America. On February 16, despite allied efforts, the Germans successfully flew a crew-carrying version of the 'fireball' from the underground facilities in Thuringia. The craft had a top speed of over 12,500 mph. The craft was called the 'Kugelblitz'. The Germans in the scientific community knew the war was lost as early as 1942, due to signs of an imminent alliance between America, Great Britain and Russia. They decided to establish a plan for continuing the dream of the Third Reich in spite of the war. They decided that the establishment of a separate society founded on Nazi principles of genetic purity was the answer. The development of gravitational technology aided that plan. On February 23, the newest engines of the Kugelblitz were tested and then extracted from the craft. The 'shell' or 'casing' of the Kugelblitz, minus the engines, was blown up by SS personnel and the scientists, plans and engines were shipped out of Germany to the South Polar regions, where the Germans had maintained underground construction activity since 1941. Two days later, on February 25, the underground plant at Khala was closed and all the workers sent to Buchenwald and gassed. The Germans also sent their "Aryan elite" children and other elements of their society to the underground bases. General Hans Kammler, who disappeared in April 1945, was instrumental in the evacuation operation, as was General Nebe. There, the Germans developed a eugenic society that apparently is limited to a specific number of people. They're still there. Apparently they also maintain underground technical colonies in South America. On April 12, Roosevelt dies and Harry Truman, a high Mason as was Roosevelt, becomes President of the United States. On May 7, 1945, Germany surrenders. Both the Americans and Soviets gain access to elements of German disk technology and scientists which the German Nazi elite had neglected to eliminate before their hasty departure at the close of the war. The British Canadians also had access to some of the data that the United States had acquired, as well as some data directly from the German efforts. On September 20th, Wernher Von Braun and other V-2 colleagues arrive in Boston, Mass and are transported to White Sands New Mexico to work in the U.S. missile program (Note: Von Braun along with other 'Paperclip' Nazi SS personnel were at the 'treaty signing' event at Muroc-Edwards AFB in 1954 according to Dr. Hank Krastman, when the NSA officially entered into a pact with the reptilian Grays. Previous to this the Nazis [Bavarian Thule Society] and Scottish Rite Masons [Bavarian Illuminati] had established 'treaties' with subterranean-based 'Gray' and 'Reptiloid' species that were in turn in contact with others of their kind beyond the confines of planet earth - Branton). Over 1,000 Nazi S.S. scientists are transported to the United States by Bavarian cult members operating in high-level economic and political positions in America -- the 'Corporate-Fascist' government -- and are given false papers in order to work for the "U.S. government". These Nazi S.S. infiltrators continue to infiltrate the electorate government of the United States of America via their fascist 'parasitic' fifth column government centered around the CIA, NSA, AQUARIUS, etc.

1946 -- Bavarian-connected agents within the United States eco-political structure import German S.S. intelligence officers in an effort to form what later becomes the Central Intelligence Agency. This Agency, initially an "intelligence gathering" office, soon commenced to spreading its influence throughout the entire U.S. intelligence community to the point where it became the controlling influence over all intelligence efforts and in fact a "secret government" in and of itself. The influence spreads beyond the borders of the U.S.A. as the CIA engages in a 'covert war' against the world superpowers and third world counties, assassinating undesirable leaders and replacing them with fascist CIA-backed military juntas, etc. This was part of a plan that was formulated by Allen Dulles and Reinhard Gehlen in 1943, when a deal was cut with German intelligence to provide the "United States" with a viable intelligence operation as well as provide German intelligence agents with "a place to go after the war". A good inducement, indeed. Remember that the Nazi's were backed by American bankers who were/are members of the Bavarian secret society lodges, as were the Nazi's themselves. Did millions of Allies shed their blood during World War II only to be betrayed by traitors in our midst?

1947 -- The Germans, having had two years to get it together after the war, started making flyovers of the United States in their disks, which had by then achieved a remarkable degree of development. This prompted the United States to undertake plans to ascertain both the exact location of the German bases at the Pole and their technical capabilities. In 1947, Operation Highjump was conducted around Antarctica in an attempt to locate the Germans. It was a failure. The Germans used their technology to thwart the efforts of the United States. It wasn't until 1958 during the International Geophysical Year that another major attempt to do something about the German problem was made. Various polar expeditions that occurred in between 1947 and 1958 had intelligence as part of their design, and also seemed to evoke activity from other forces and entities from inside the Earth. There also seems to be some evidence that the Germans made contact with alien forces from inside the planet in relation to their activities in Antarctica. In 1947, the United States decided that the problem with both THE GERMANS AND THE ALIENS was getting a little dangerous. It was necessary for the U.S. 'government' to implement severe measures in order to hide the truth of the alien presence. The German problem was easier to control as far as public knowledge was concerned. In September 1947, TRUMAN caused the National Security Act to be passed in order to hide the activities of the Government, the CIA, and the alien problem. Was Truman aware of the Nazi infiltration of the U.S. intelligence community? Whether or not this was the case, Truman did sign a 'treaty' with the 'Reptilians' as part of his involvement with the 33-plus degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry, whose International 'Bankster' members had financed the Nazis up until the point where Adolph Hitler had become too hard to control. Whether Truman was directly aware of the fact that his sponsors, the German-American Rockefellers, had financed the Bolshevik and Nazi revolutions, is uncertain. CIA mind-control projects began at Bethesda Naval Hospital in 1947, with data gained from German S.S. intelligence. Truman created a study group in order to 'control' the alien problem, at least half of whose original members were affiliated with Bavarian-backed international banking fraternities like the Council on Foreign Relations. This study group was called MJ-12, PI-40 or ALPHA-2. A series of National Security Council [NSC] memos removed the CIA from the sole task of gathering foreign intelligence and slowly 'legalized' direct action in the form of covert activities. The memos, including NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2, established a buffer between the President of the United States and the activities that were going on, as well as providing a means for the President to deny knowledge of any covert activities. Of course, all of this was un-Constitutional. Unfortunately Congress did not know what was going on either, as these 'appointed' representatives of the military-industrial complex began to take control of the U.S. government away from the 'elected' Congressional-Senatorial representatives of the Constitutional government. In 1947, FIFTY PERCENT of the CIA was composed of Nazi S.S. intelligence personnel, mostly within the inner covert ops segments of the agency.

(Note: If this is the case, then it would be logical to suggest that it is THIS fifty percent of the Nazi 'German'-ated CIA which interacts with the greys and reptiloids within the Dulce, Denver Airport, Area-51 and Montauk bases, etc. - Branton)

1952 -- Reinhard Gehlen and Allen Dulles are dubbed Knights of Malta by the VATICAN.

(Note: According to THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE JESUITS, by Edmond Paris, a large number of Jesuits assisted in the development of -- and occupied powerful positions within -- the Nazi S.S. Could the mass-murder of the Jews and the Russian Greek Orthodox Serbians in Yugoslavia during World War II have been a continuation of the Vatican's INQUISITION against its enemies?. The ancient 'Babylonian Mystery Society' which has reportedly maintained a secret line of Pontifex Maximus leaders since the time of King Nimrod, has been using the so-called 'Holy Roman Empire' as a 'cover' for its secret activities -- in affiliation with the Jesuit lodge which created the Scottish Rite as a tool for infiltrating Masonry -- and has maintained a strong presence within the Nazi S.S. The unknowing lay members of the Catholic Church and of NEARLY EVERY MAJOR DENOMINATION on the planet which has been infiltrated by the Gnostic Jesuit lodge and their hatchlings -- the Bavarian Illuminati, Bavarian Thule societies, and the so-called Scottish Rite of Masonry -- should not be blamed for this subversion of the global political-economic-religious systems, that is if they have no knowledge of the conspiracy. I REITERATE here and throughout this File that I am not personally against any individual members of errant or apostate 'control' structures who are being 'used' against their knowledge for internationally destructive agendas, but rather against the 'regressive' control structures themselves. THAT is our target. If one wishes to be a Roman Catholic or a member of any other religion, fine... however when that 'religion' begins to pry into the realm of economic and political CONTROL at the expense of the freedom of others, then these 'religions' must be willing to face criticism for involving themselves in these areas, and refrain from hypocritically crying "your attacking my 'religious beliefs'". When an organization becomes a political and economic force of CONTROL, it has CEASED becoming a 'religion'. How much more for 'religions' who profess to have faith in Jesus of Nazareth - the Christ - or Melchizedek... the same one who in His zeal had 'cleansed' the Temple of those who were using 'religion' to fill their own money bags. Some organizations have lost the 'right' to be called exclusively 'religions' and must now be classed as economic-political power-cult structures. No matter how well-intentioned humans are, if they place themselves ABOVE their fellow human beings, then there is the temptation to use their knowledge or position to CONTROL those below them. It is religious POWER STRUCTURES which divide humanity through "holy wars" and such, NOT individual 'believers'. - Branton)

1953 -- Albert K. Bender's International Flying Saucer Bureau was closed down following work on a theory linking disks with Antarctica. Bender is visited by MIB [Men In Black] and persuaded to stop his research. These were apparently transdimensional humanoid 'MIBs' -- although there have also been reports of MIB reptiloids, androids, and U.S. government agents who have themselves taken on the label of "Men In Black", possibly in imitation of the dark-clad alien intelligence agents who have threatened numerous UFO witnesses to remain silent. Eisenhower asks Nelson Rockefeller for help with the alien problem. This is where the idea for MJ-12 was born. It was probably a critical mistake in asking a member of the world financial control group for help with the alien beings. Because of human nature, the true 'controllers' are those who control the world's wealth -- the International Bankers -- as they are able to buy-off the weak factions within all of the governments of every nation, including an 'apparent' Constitutional Republic like the United States of America.
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The Branton File on Abductions - The OMEGA File - NAZI HISTORY PART II (Pt.4)
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