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PostSubject: Oprema mjerači   Oprema mjerači Icon_minitimeThu Jan 29, 2015 4:31 pm

EM2 Multi-Purpose Electromagnetic Meter
ELF (extremely low frequency)
RF (radio frequency)Frequency
response: 50-HZ to 18-GHZ - reduced sensitivity above 10-GHZ declining to ~50% at 18-GHZ
Sensitivity range: 0.005uW/cm2 to 40mW/cm2
Accuracy: +/- 10% 50-HZ to 10-GHZ

Experimental Life-Energy Field Meter

Nuclear Radiation Surface Scanner, Monitor & Alarm

Detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-radiation
možda i najbolji mjerač radijacije na tržištu
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Oprema mjerači
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