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 The Black World of UFOs: Exempt from Disclosure - RECOMMENDED

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The Black World of UFOs: Exempt from Disclosure - RECOMMENDED Empty
PostSubject: The Black World of UFOs: Exempt from Disclosure - RECOMMENDED   The Black World of UFOs: Exempt from Disclosure - RECOMMENDED Icon_minitimeTue Jan 17, 2012 6:22 pm

The Black World of UFOs: Exempt from Disclosure - RECOMMENDED 51HqAWcRwRL._SL500_AA300_


Appeared on SciFi's, "Inside Secret Government Warehouses," History Ch's UFO Files, "Hangar 18: The UFO Warehouse." Coast to Coast with George Knapp, Spirit Talk Radio, Whispers Radio, Adventures into the Strange, Inception Radio, reappearing on Inception Radio, 10-05-2011 and, What Do You Think?, 11-29-2011 and futures dates.

The Black World, Core of a Cover-up

--What is the Crystal Rectangle (CR, alien energy device that could power an entire city the size of New York). Very classified according to those 'leaked' DIA TS/Code Word documents.

FBI to Kit Green, 'not at all, it is not our business.' The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) refused to comment or saying they're hoaxes. Disinformation (true/false) is being used to discredit.

--The Propulsion System: The basic principles are simple in concept, but not in application and why the prototypes never worked right, we still fly rockets. Technical details on reverse-engineering are laid out. A July 1947 government report reflects current research. It's a 'directional negative force generating system,' the terms used by both Area 51 and Los Alamos.

--Who was at the core of the cover-up? One time CIA Director Richard Helms (deceased in 2002) divulges some of the classified information on EBE-1. Yes, EBE-1 said they have been coming to Earth for more than 10,000 years.

Bob Gates and Henry Kissinger were behind the Reagan Disclosure Program which failed in 1991. Rick Doty, Bill Moore and Jaime Shandera were key players.

--Area 51/Groom Lake/NTS

Outer Space and the compartmentalization especially around S4. Was Area 51 established in 1955, or, was it really 1951 to store alien artifacts? The realm beyond the conventional history of the NTS from people who worked there.

George Knapp
Sunday, April 04, 2010 4:38 AM

"Bob Collins says it is entirely possible that people like TD could work at Area 51 on classified projects and have no knowledge of other compartmentalized secrets. I tend to agree. Some of the Roadrunners told me years ago that they would see the same people in the lunch line 5 days a week for extended periods, but they had no idea what that other guy was working on, nor would they even think about asking. Programs and projects were compartmentalized...and still are. TD Barnes could not tell his own wife what he was working on..."

--MJ12 & JFK. During the JFK administration Project SERPO was in full swing. Disclosing MJ12 and black programs was one possible reason for the assassination, they wanted JFK 'wet' meaning assassinated.

EXCOM meeting on October 24th 1962 at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis. JFK was briefed on, Majestic Communications Security, Alien Codex, MJEBEN program and Project Jehovah.

Kennedy-Dulles-McCone: JFK with his CIA Directors, Dulles & McCone in 1962.

--The Vaults at WP, official drawings, then there is an official drawing of the original Area 51.

--Will the real Men-in-Black (MIB) please stand up. The 1167th Field Activities Group and the 7602nd Air Intelligence Group.

...a very factual book backed up by numerous footnotes and references.
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The Black World of UFOs: Exempt from Disclosure - RECOMMENDED
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