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 A Letter from Dr. Steven Greer

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PostSubject: A Letter from Dr. Steven Greer   A Letter from Dr. Steven Greer Icon_minitimeFri Feb 20, 2009 6:54 pm

Dear Friends and Supporters,

With a new Administration in Washington that has pledged transparency and a new energy economy, it is time for each of us to make our voices heard. Please take the time to send President Obama and your Senators and representative in Congress a fax letter expressing your desire to see the end of secrecy and full disclosure on new energy solutions. A new energy briefing is available on our website. You can also print out this Briefing and give it directly to your member of Congress when they are in your home office.

We believe that President Obama and many members of Congress are receptive to the idea of change and Disclosure. I have been specifically told by Washington insiders that they need to urgently hear from YOU the people to make this happen. Right now, billions of dollars are going into old-thinking energy solutions while the new energy solutions that have been suppressed or ignored for nearly 100 years languish. We must refocus the debate away from old solutions like clean coal and bio-fuels and towards genuine new energy solutions like zero point energy and other advances in energy generation.

We have set up a free fax system that permits you to send the letter as it exists or modify it to your own words, and fax it directly to the President and Congress. Please do this immediately and ask that all those on your email list , family, friends and collegues do the same.

t is time for decisive action and we need to all pull together at this time in history to make REAL change happen!

Thank you for your help and support!

Steven M. Greer MD
Founder and Director
The Orion Project
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A Letter from Dr. Steven Greer
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