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 Latest hoax video making the rounds - Richard Boylan

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Latest hoax video making the rounds - Richard Boylan Empty
PostSubject: Latest hoax video making the rounds - Richard Boylan   Latest hoax video making the rounds - Richard Boylan Icon_minitimeThu Sep 09, 2010 10:19 pm

The latest hoaxed video making the rounds features a woman in Argentina being interviewed outdoors by Channel Two television. As she is being interviewed, far back in the background scene a supposed "Zeta" appears and walks a short distance.

The first clue to the hoax is the dark energy signature of that supposed "Zeta" image, meaning it isn't really a real Zeta at all, but a Cabal hoax, testing public gullibility to accept "alien" images put into videotape after filming and before broadcasting.
Another way you can tell it's a hoax is that the fake "Zeta" throws a shadow towards the right of the scene, whereas looking at the woman being interviewed, the sun on her face throws a shadow towards the left of the scene. Clearly the Zeta image was superimposed (clumsily) afterwards onto the video recording at a different location.

Hoaxes are not cool at all.

Why are the Cabal doing test marketing of fake images of supposed "aliens" on television? The Cabal want to have ready another tool to preempt real broadcast images of genuine Star Visitors (that are coming soon) by having ready their own fake doctored images to put out on television in scenes that the Cabal hope will deceive and then portray the "aliens" in an unfavorable way.
Another Cabal strategy is to put out realistic-looking video of "aliens" and then have an "investigator" show that the video is fake, so that the public will become conditioned to distrust all televised images of Star Visitors.
More than ever we need to practice Discernment as the Cabal ramp up their counter-strategies to upcoming government acknowledgement of UFO reality.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D./COE
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Latest hoax video making the rounds - Richard Boylan
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