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 Tycoons Behind NASA Suppression Of Our Intergalactic Opportunity And Experience

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Tycoons Behind NASA Suppression Of Our Intergalactic Opportunity And Experience Empty
PostSubject: Tycoons Behind NASA Suppression Of Our Intergalactic Opportunity And Experience   Tycoons Behind NASA Suppression Of Our Intergalactic Opportunity And Experience Icon_minitimeSun Feb 28, 2010 4:58 pm

When examining NASA reasons for keeping us inactive of intergalactic association with other planets as their publics travel freely intergalactically, my understanding is it's all about money and the politics of capitalism in tribute to the money manipulators - corporate tycoons (who keep destroying the planet by their financial holdings of corporate oil & energy corporations that exist only to profit, not to benefit mankind by providing energy).

The flying saucers are free energy or nuclear powered and once powered never need to be resupplied. That means homes, cars, all electricity can be eternal once a nuclear reactor is activated or the circuit is activated thus the profit cycle is broken and does not exist so the motive is clear. So to stop the public from wanting this due to the few tyrant tycoons who live for the capitalism thus the profit cycle that needs constant draws on the planet for fulfilling the humanistic needs of energy by use of oil or coal, the tycoons will never allow the free energy or zero point energy or flying saucer technology that is eternal once started to be revealed and allowed to the public for public consumption. The tycoons staged 3 mile Island and Chernobyl disasters to make the public fear & not want nuclear power because nuclear power does not allow or depend on a perpetual profit cycle - once nuclear power is started no more refills are needed - no continual draw on resources of the planet in the form of raw materials. Improving the human condition by numerous methods is prevented by these tycoons and energy corporation syndicates but more importantly they expend and destroy the planet for their profiteering.

Sustained fusion and fission has been accomplished. Space stations with a population of 100,000 persons have existed in outer space for millions of years started by planetary societies such as William Shatners and the Martians, or Zaha Hadid and the Neptunians both planets 1 million years ahead of earth and have created space stations that have been in outer space for repeated generations. These space stations you see in Star Trek were created by Neptune, Mars, Venus, Uranus powered by nuclear energy or free energy for a long long time. Capitalism and tycoons can't allow their coronating power of capitalism be taken away because they are the {kings of the world] by exploitation of the masses and the planet.

But the reasoning NASA uses to continue to supress and deceive the public as to their true capability of intergalactic travels and exopolitics is not because of what's out there that would confront us, but only here on Earth what would have to change for the technology to be equally shared distributed and utilized by us - capitalism and profit-motivated society for the few exploiting tycoons who are self-nominated kings & power-elite, would have to be negated and made equal to the rest of us.

The mentality out there of the infinite species of life shows Earthlings are advanced in some manners over advanced lifeforms humanoid and otherwise that have been intergalactic for billions of years. For instance the Klingons are a "our species is supreme and all others must succomb" and this mentality is well known to Earth from the caveman days. Street gang warfare is exact in existence in outer space amongst beings that are billions of years ahead of earth as to the current street gangs that battle for turf in our current societies. You can advance the society to a point of elite technology but that does not mean they advance in social assimiliation and a respectful demeanor towards other differing life forms. By hormones and DNA the infinite amount of configurations out there, domination is a constant trait within many of the species of which again the mentality is like gang warfare towards any other life forms they encounter when traversing the universe.

For instance Steven Spielbergs (JJ Abrams is Spielbergs alias re: the latest Star Trek) Romulans were this mentality - street gang psychology the revenge aptitude so you could say they are socially inept but severely advanced with technology obviously by the movie it proves to be a problem, so using a psychological based explanation such as humans from Earth don't have the capacity or know-how to interact with different advanced species (only advanced in technology not social assimilation or know-how in relational capacity) is a bunch of hooey and a con from NASA.

The rocks that were alive and psychic powers and could overide a humans thinking and feeling portrayed in Outer Limits, disguised themselves as rocks when taken aboard the Starship Enterprise - LOL - attempted to dominate and enslave humans, they were again of the "our species is the supreme species and all must succomb" just like the Klingons, just like the Romulans again the prehistoric caveman mentality yet these "beings" are of universal technology way beyond us. Street gang mentality is the relational ability of many of the advanced (in technology only) species out there in the stars. NASA is snookering us if they want us to believe we cannot handle the social intercourse confronting us by any of the number species out there. Again, it is economics, profiteering, capitalism for that profiteering which a few dominate and are treasured and control NASA that we're not being allowed to share in the technological treasures they have that were invented by Adolf Hitler and Nazi scientists.

If we were to go back two hundred years, say using a flying saucer as all flying saucers are time machines and we took an internet computer back to that time, what would be the reaction of the humans you encountered when you showed them the internet? It wouldn't be that big of a deal...The first week maybe they'd be dazzled and shocked, but then they'd realize the heirarchy of what it is - an information tool that is a treasure to massive amounts of data regarding all subjects immediately.

The same scenario holds true for revealing to the public that we have plasma guns, shock wave guns, lazer guns, teletransporters, stargates, time travel, transmutation, cloning, androids, and much much more it's all existing in realtime and NASA has and uses all of it and refuses to disclose based on the forementioned artifices that again are conjured and orchestrated by the tycoons to continue their perpetuity of exlusive usage of the technologies by exploitation of capitalism and debt-finance. Their tool of domination and manipulation for being kings of the world is capitalism and debt-finance banking, both of which Hitler ended and the result was equal prosperity for all.

Also, I'm told our solar system is very rare because we only have one sun - Bob Lazar pointed this out on his video, most solar systems have multiple suns feeding their planets life. So our life forces have to do more with less, this means our souls have to look within more so than other life forms of the other solar systems. More self-empowerment is required from ourselves than the other species from other solar systems. More "impulses" are forced to come into existence by our souls not having a grant of more energy from more than one sun. Our soul has to call upon itself more than the others because their suns provide more presence to their souls. All sci-fi shows out of Hollywood are actually truths experienced by NASA, they hand them to us as imagined sci-fi. The trick is 50% of what is depicted is true and 50% of it is a lie. Say for instance Steven Spielbergs latest Raiders Of The Lost Ark had flying saucers in it with space monsters that had crystal skeletons.

Well the 50% lie is that it's not monsters that have crystal skeletons but humans from another planet or system, and regarding the flying saucers they didn't come from monster creatures they came from humans, both enamel skeletons and crystal. So try to decode sci-fi truths masked as fictions by this exhibit I just showed you.

Mark D. Zahn
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Tycoons Behind NASA Suppression Of Our Intergalactic Opportunity And Experience
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