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     Spoon Bending Party

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    PostSubject: Spoon Bending Party   Spoon Bending Party Icon_minitimeSat Feb 27, 2010 6:12 pm

    A great way to get a feel for what telekinesis can do and prove to yourself and others that the mind is a wonderful tool, is to have a spoon bending party. Contrary to the name, it is not only about bending spoons; spoons, forks and butter knives will also work well, just be sure you do not use a sharp knife so no one gets cut.

    Your first step is to find enough silverware for everyone to work with. One of the best places to get a good supply of cheap silverware is at yard sales. Often people will purchase a new pattern and be more than willing to sell you all their older spoons as a box full of assorted stuff for just a few dollars.

    Another source would be at discount stores such as Family Dollar Store. They often have silverware in small package usually containing 4 pieces for about $1. Of course you could also ask each person to bring 3 or 4 old pieces of silverware to the party, then just have a few extras for those that forget to bring their own.

    It is wise to have several pieces available for each person that will be at the party. The reason for this is two fold. Many people will want to "do it again" after their first success. Plus, one of the things many people consider important is how you choose which piece of silverware you will be working on.

    Some people are more than happy just to be handed a piece of silverware to work with. Others however, prefer to allow the individual piece of silverware to "speak" to them. This involves using a psychic sense to know which piece of silverware wants to bend for you. In fact, many people will pick up a piece of silverware and while holding it in their hands, ask the silverware if it wants to bend for them. They then wait till they pick up a signal from the utensil and the yea or nay they receive determines which piece they work with. The main things to remember here is however you choose to determine which piece of silverware you work with is fine. There is no right or wrong way. If it feels right, go for it!

    Have fun with it!

    Many people agree that the atmosphere at your party makes all the difference in how much success your guests will have. If your party is dull and lifeless, the result level tends to go down. Allow the energy of the room to build, get everyone to laughing and having a good time and the success level goes up.

    If the energy level of your party is a little dull, you might want to spend a little while getting everyone excited. Keeping with the theme of the party, why not spend a few moments letting everyone tell what they would do with telekinesis if they had full 100% control of it. A good rousing story about catching shoplifters and criminals and hang them (by the seat of their pants) from light poles, is sure to start building excitement. There is no right or wrong thing to try here. If need be, there is nothing wrong with having everyone stand up and do a little wiggle to get the mood headed in the right direction.

    Let's bend some spoons!

    There are two ways to approach this part of the party. Some people prefer to be serious about all of this nad put tons and concentration into making the spoon bend. Others approach it in a much more light hearted manor. The choice is yours and like most everything else in life, you will find what works best for you personally through trial and error.

    Serious concentration method:

    With this method, each person would hold their spoon in front of them and use the power of their mind to forcibly make the utensil bend. Some people prefer to lightly rub the utensil at the point where you are concentrating your efforts while others perfer to concentrate their vision upon the spot. You simply maintain concentrated effort on the spoon till you get results.

    Light Hearted method:

    Start with each person holding their spoon in front of them and as a group, forcibly tell your spood to bend. The group as a whole can yell in unision 5 or 6 times, ordering the spood to bend, with or without gently rubbing the spot where you want it to bend. If any spoons have not bent by this time, have everyone switch to light hearted conversation, all the while holding or rubbing their spoon. The idea is to NOT put concentrated intention on the item. Keep part of your intention on it via the touching or rubbing, but let your mind move on to other business.

    Conversation topics could include chit chat about family, friends, the weather or even dreams and fanatasies. It is best however to stay away from controversial topics that might get some people riled up, like politics and religion.

    Reported Results:

    Most of the people I have spoke with have had better results with the light hearted method. I have heard claims of spoons not being used by a party goer to be found bent almost in a circle. Children often get very good results even when their attention rarely stays on what is happening at the party.

    Each party is different of course but I have heard claims that every person at a party was able to bend a spoon and I don't think I have every heard from a party where at least one person did not bend a spoon.

    Just have fun and make sure your guest do to and your party will be a BIG success!

    Source: learn-telekinesis-training
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    Spoon Bending Party
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