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 The Truth that Really Matters

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PostSubject: The Truth that Really Matters   The Truth that Really Matters Icon_minitimeSat Feb 27, 2010 5:58 pm

Developing any type of mental ability is a Spritual matter for it is the divine that runs through us that allows our abilities to come to the fore front.

It really does not matter however what you have chosen to call the godhead. The abilities are available across all lines drawn by mankind in their attempt to make the unknowable godhead more knowable. Yet it is these lines, named religions, that can prevent you from awakening the abilities within you.

Let's face it, if a god would damn a person for not using the name he/she is going by in this time era, is that really a god you would want to follow?

Choose any of the worlds religions that choose to tell others they are wrong and in reality you are saying that only those of the specific religion are right, therefore sending everyone else in the world to that specific religions pergatory. Again, do you really want to follow a god that would send the majority of the worlds population to the worst place that religion can conceive of, simply because they happen to be from an area that believes otherwise?

The godhead, no matter what name you have chosen to place upon it, has given you everything you need, to know what is right and wrong, and he/she has also given you the free choice to decide how to use that knowledge.

You do not need any spiritual adviser (church leaders), to know what is right and wrong, and that is the only truth that matters. You decide whether you are ready to accept the obligations that comes with that knowledge.

Those that are not ready to take on that obligation will find the road to sucess with developing their abilities to be long and hard. Those that are ready to begin taking on the added responsiblities will find the road much shorter.

The sheer fact that telekinetic abilities are not wide spread is proof of the existence of a guiding power. One that actually cares rather than just seeks to control for the sake of controlling.

All change starts from inside of you. If you find yourself unable to perform at the level you think you should be able to perform, look at why you want to have TK abilities for if you want for the wrong reasons, you may have a VERY hard road to travel before developing your abilities.

Source: learn-telekinesis-training
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The Truth that Really Matters
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