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     Developing Telekinesis Powers - What to expect

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    Developing Telekinesis Powers - What to expect Empty
    PostSubject: Developing Telekinesis Powers - What to expect   Developing Telekinesis Powers - What to expect Icon_minitimeSat Feb 27, 2010 5:57 pm

    Developing Telekinesis powers can be a wonderful experience that can take your emotions on a roller coaster ride. Most of the time the experience is thrilling and will leave you feeling elated, but at times, it can leave you having doubts about yourself and your abilities, if you allow it to.

    As you start down the road to developing telekinesis powers, it is important to keep in mind that no two people are exactly alike. The time it takes you to develop your telekinesis powers will vary from the time it takes other people. Your time frame could be faster or slower and it will still be 100% perfect because it is what is right for you personally.

    Developing Telekinesis takes practice

    One of the biggest areas where you have some control over developing telekinesis abilities is in how you practice. This includes how often you practice, how hard you practice and even what types of exercises you do.

    Those that have the best results take the basic exercises and expand upon them. Adding little twists to the exercises helps to make the exercises truly your own. It brings them into your body and soul and allows them to blossom forth into increases abilities.

    Your goal should be to practice a little amount each day if at all possible. Most people will get better results by practicing 10 or 15 minutes a day than they will get by practicing 2 or 3 hours once a week. But of course if your schedule will only allow you to practice one day a week, then by all means it would be better to practice longer than 10 or 15 minutes.

    When to practice developing telekinesis

    Your body and mind has it own rhythm of life. Your heart beats with its own special tune that vibrates throughout the universe in a way that makes your vibrations noticeable from among the billions of other vibrations out there. This also means that you have your own special rhythm within the world around us.

    You know how some people call themselves morning people because they wake up ready and raring to go, but others can't get awake till 3 pm in the afternoon. Your telekinesis powers work the same way. Some get better results in the morning. Others in the afternoon and still others at night.

    It is up to you to find out which is best for your personally. There is not magick pill or any one perfect exercise that will guarantee you to get instant results. Think about it in much the same way as food is. Different people like different foods and something that you love could literally make someone else sick. So you have to find what you personally can deal with and what just won't work for you. No one else can tell you these things.

    Take charge of your Telekinesis Powers

    This short article can not begin to cover all the various possibilities of how your personal efforts will affect your developing telekinesis. It was intended to give you a small sampling of some of the way these things works for you personally.

    It is important that you take charge of your abilities. Don't be satisfied with waiting until someone hands you the information you want or need. The Internet is a HUGE place and you can find virtually anything you want to learn out there.

    Plus quiet often, the perfect exercise for you is one you designed for yourself, so don't be afraid to experiment.

    Telekinesis Fun Fact

    Did you know that about 250,000 people per month search Google for the term telekinesis, but about 8% of those people end up somewhere else because of the 2 most common misspellings of the word, telekenisis and telekenesis.

    In both cases, they forgot to use the simple rule by remembering it is KIN as in related to you versus KEN, Barbies boyfriend. After that, it really is just one simple little letter that separates telekenisis and telekenesis and strangely enough it is again the E and the I.

    So if you remember SIS is always going to be your pet name for your sister and she is one of your kin and not Barbies boyfriend, then it is a simple matter of remembering it is you or in actualty "I" and not some strange electronic signal that goes in the middle and it will prevent you from turning telekinesis into telekenisis or telekenesis.

    Source: learn-telekinesis-training
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    Developing Telekinesis Powers - What to expect
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