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 Area-51 & Area-52 Never Shut Down & Never Moved

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PostSubject: Area-51 & Area-52 Never Shut Down & Never Moved   Area-51 & Area-52 Never Shut Down & Never Moved Icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2010 11:25 pm

This document has been obtained through Edgar Fouché, the Author of Alien Rapture. Besides of black projects, it also dismisses rumors about the socalled move of Area-51 to Utah.

AREA 51......Alive, Well and EXPANDING!!!

There is no truth whatsoever to the ridiculous rumor that AREA 51 and its operations were abandoned and were relocated elsewhere, such as to Utah. Basically this rumor had originated from a disinformative article written by Jim Wilson that first appeared in the June, 1997 issue of POPULAR MECHANICS.

The unexpected article no doubt was greatly appreciated by Nellis AFB and particularly those at the remote operating locations at Groom Lake facility. The folks at Nellis AFB probably rolled on the floor laughing over the article on AREA 51, which was for the most part filled with factual errors to their absolute delight!

The June, 1997 POPULAR MECHANICS piece also brought much delight to then Secretary of the Air Force, Sheila Widnall. It is my hope that this type of misinformed article did not serve to curtail the general public's interest and rightful scrutiny of AREA 51 (Groom Lake Complexes), particularly in regards to those issues relative to the alleged infractions of environmental statutes at the site.

The article, written by Jim Wilson, science editor of POPULAR MECHANICS, inferred that "the Air Force had abandoned top-secret testing at its once most secret test site". Then Wilson came to the conclusion and stated that "we know why and we know where they moved to (i.e., Utah)".

Nothing is farther from the truth than this overly generalized inference. Jim Wilson, despite his probable sincerity and good intentions, obviously missed the whole picture. To begin with, he obviously took a wrong turn on "Groom Lake Road" and went to the wrong location. It was obvious from the photo that what he did was go south on the "Mail-Box Road" from Hwy 375, crossed the "Groom Lake Road" and went further south all the way till he encountered an old, poorly maintained wind fence, believing that he had arrived at the back gate of AREA 51, when actually he had arrived at the northeastern boundary of Range 61.

There he decided that nothing was happening at AREA 51, and made a statement, saying "the 'cammo dudes' are no longer patrolling the perimeter of AREA 51" and further stated that "what we found was a securely locked wind fence that appears to have been undisturbed for months". He further commented than even though he had arrived at the back door to AREA 51, there was "no guard post". Brilliant!! (There never was any......ever at that location!!).

He also stated in the article that the "warning signs flanking the gate aren't very threatening either". The reason for that is because there never was any "threatening" warning sign there except the sign that says NO TRESSPASSING.....Nellis Bombing Range. It is because that location is not AREA is the northeastern boundary of Range 61.

Wilson then came to the naive conclusion that "AREA has shut down!!! Again, a brilliant conclusion! I suggest next time that he go to the right location........towards the real Guard Shack area.......(west all the way on Groom Lake Road)....where he may really encounter the 'cammo dudes', white Jeep Cherokees and perhaps a military chopper or two to welcome him, if he dare go to the Guard Shack area. He would also see some real "threatening" warning signs along the dirt road that clearly say LETHAL FORCE WILL BE USED.

From what I understand from several reliable sources, Groom Lake has not had a major lessening of activity whatsoever. In fact, there may be more going on at Groom Lake now than before. In October of 1997, I observed Groom Lake facility from high atop Tickaboo Peak and verified with my own eyes that the facility is not only there but even thought that there may be slightly more buildings there than before.

A couple of new water tanks seem to have been added recently behind the big hangar. Also deducing from a fairly recent panoramic photo that I acquired (allegedly taken right after the closure of both Freedom Ridge and White Sides) I have no doubt that there are some new constructions going on along the southwest slope next to Groom Lake. (I had observed Groom Lake facility a number of times before from both the White Sides hill and the Freedom Ridge before those hills became off-limits to the public).

Also, the night prior to climbing the Tickaboo Peak in October of 1997 , we were standing at the exact spot where Jim Wilson had around 7:30 p.m. at the northeastern boundary of Range 61. As we were looking towards the direction of Groom Lake, we were surprised by a sudden illumination of the sky just over the direction of Groom Lake and witnessed around 3 or 4 red "balls" of lights that appeared over the direction of Groom Lake and then disappeared momentarily, after which the sky over that area returned to total darkness. I could not speculate what those reddish "balls" of light were......but this went on intermittently for about three times during the next 20 minutes or so.

There was no doubt that there was activity of some kind that night at Groom Lake. This was in stark contrast to the allegation by Jim Wilson that nothing was going on at AREA 51 when he was standing at the northeastern boundary of Range 61, looking towards Groom Mountains. Probably nothing major was going on that was visible on that particular day or evening when he was there. Moreover, we have to bear in mind that most sensitive programs are thought to be conducted below ground level, to begin with. Primarily because of the misinformative article from POPULAR MECHANICS, the whole world seems to be under the impression that there is nothing going on at AREA 51, and that everything had moved to the Green River Missile Launch Complex in Utah.

One of the erroneous facts that Jim Wilson mentioned in the POPULAR MECHANICS article was that there was an "officially named AREA 6413" in Utah. There is no "officially named AREA 6413" in Utah. What he meant to say was Restricted Air Space 6413 in Utah. However, even to this date, one can easily get right next to the Green River Missile Launch complex.

There is nothing top-secret going on over there. Rather than the Green River Missile Launch Complex (which Jim Wilson inferred as the possible site of the New AREA 51), we should keep a closer eye on the new programs going on at Dugway Proving Grounds. It is far more interesting there than the Green River area!! All in all, the POPULAR MECHANICS article was in such a drastic constrast to the more well-researched article that coincidentally appeared one month prior, in the May, 1997 issue of POPULAR SCIENCE in which Groom Lake was mentioned several times, with an inference that there was still plenty going on at Groom Lake. Some of the ongoing programs at AREA 51, according to reports from Monitoring Times and other publications, seem to include a new series of B-2 follow-on by Northrop/Grumman at S-2, possible series of newer Darkstar (Tier 3 - UAV) by Lockheed at S-4 and Tier 2+ and Tier 3+ UAVs at S-9 by such as Teledyne Ryan Aero. In June of 1997, after the article appeared on POPULAR MECHANICS, I was informed that some new components of new, small-scale VTOL produced by Lockheed had just been transferred to Groom from Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, California.

There is no doubt that there are new generations of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (remotely controlled surveillance platforms, etc.) being tested at Groom Lake. New testing of "skins" for outer coating for a new generation of stealth program is going on as well, as inferred by the May issue of POPULAR SCIENCE.

A new generation of "electro chromic panels" are probably continuing to be tested at the facility. A move towards daytime "stealth" capability (such as through the use of special sensors for transmission of image reflections of the background enviroment on the lower as well as upper bodies of the aircraft) may be in the works at AREA 51. I would not be surprised at all if they were working on such as tri- dimensional holographic image maximization that could be part of "electro chromic panels" used to reflect background environment on the aircraft to bring about distorted image of the aircraft as well. Anyway, there may be some new programs going on in Utah and elsewhere, but to infer that AREA 51 "moved" to Utah is totally unfounded.

Groom Lake Facility and Area 51 Researcher This is an invitation for the public and the press to participate in and to cover the upcoming event known as The People's Rally at AREA 51 in Nevada.The People's Rally at AREA 51 will take place as scheduled on Saturday-Sunday, June 5-6, 1999, right at the restricted boundary line on Groom Lake Road (in Lincoln County, Nevada), as previously announced worldwide in the Internet newsgroups. Crowds of anywhere from 400 to 800 people at the site are expected for the event. This will be the first time that a large number of citizens will assemble right next to AREA 51, the base that officially "doesn't exist". Possibly the same for AREA-52 :

This will be a legal, public assembly and will take place on legal, public land. The event is intended to be a spontaneous, peaceful gathering of concerned citizens. There will be speakers at the Rally to address several key issues. One of the purposes of the gathering will be to bring to the attention of the newsmedia once again the continuing plight of former Groom Lake workers who are still suffering from illnesses caused by long-term exposure to highly toxic chemicals without their knowledge while working at AREA 51, the base that officially "doesn't exist".

The former workers and their families' plea is not so much to seek for monetary compensation as to seek for cures to the diseases. At the People's Rally, the following proposals will be made:

1) That the government, through its most appropriate agency or channel (whichever one they may deem appropriate) and through a publicly recognized media, give a brief statement, once and for all, of assurance that the former workers were or are being medically treated for their illness.

2) That the government construct a clearly marked new fence at least several miles along the restricted boundary on both sides of Groom Lake road, instead of vague thin orange posts posted wide apart.

3) That the government construct a new Guard Shack right at the restricted boundary line (where it should be, to begin with) by Groom Lake road, instead of the present Guard Shack which is hidden more than a third of a mile inside the restricted area.

4) That there be a Public Affairs Office built specifically regarding this base, separate from the PA office at Nellis AFB, which at present is incompetent to give proper answers regarding the base since it is not a Nellis asset.

5) That the government designate this multi-faceted base in more concrete terms and not just a vague designation like "an operating base by Groom Lake", which is still being used. The lack of an official name of the base could bring about more problems in the future when dealing with rightful lawsuits that may arise from any future accidents at the base.

These are some of the proposals to be made at the Rally. According to Norio Hayakawa, founder of a group called the Civilian Intelligence Network (which he describes as a citizens' watchdog group on government oversight), the government has in the past several years concocted, disseminated and manipulated popular theories linking AREA 51 with "extraterrestrial" UFOs and "alien" technology in order to discredit any serious scrutiny of this multi-billion dollar facility and its programs, some of which may be in gross violation of environmental statutes.

Hayakawa also speculates that some of the weapons systems research and development at the site not only far exceeds the bounds of national defense interests but also may serve to promote and accelerate certain "globalist elitist" agendas. Quite a number of people may already be camping out overnight on Saturday, June 5 at the site. There will be a special news conference in Rachel, Nevada (approximately 21 miles north of the "secret base"), the day before the event. (Tel. 702-729-2515) The news conference will take place at 12 noon. The main event on Sunday, June 6, 1999 will take place, beginning at 6 a.m., right at the restricted boundary line. All vehicles are to be parked off Groom Lake Road. Lincoln County Sheriff Dept. will not allow any vehicle to be parked on the dirt road for the event. On the evening of June 6, there will be music, etc. in Rachel. Also, early on Monday morning, June 7, there will be a hike up to the ridges of Tikaboo Mountain to observe the Groom Lake facility. The hike may take about 3 hours. For Simple Directions and Maps on how to get to the AREA 51 Rally, go to: Maps to Area 51 (

For information on what may be taking place at AREA 51, go to: Area 51: Alive, Well and Expanding? ( Thank you so very much for your attention. - Norio Hayakawa e-mail: Norio Hayakawa Civilian Intelligence Operations P.O. BOX 599 GARDENA , CA 90248 Tel. (310) 784-7705

NORIO's LINKS Secrets of DreamLand Norio's UFOMIND Website Pentagon's New Info War Air Force's Unmanned Aerial Vehicles WWII German "Flying Wing" and other Exotic Aircraft Designs

NORIO's BIONorio Hayakawa is a former Southwest Regional Director of the Civilian IIntelligence Network, a Los Angeles- based loosely-knit nationwide network of civilian researchers, intelligence gatherers and analysts who evaluate and exchange pertinent information on the government's so-called DEEP BLACK Projects and covert operations programs. The network's particular emphasis for the past nine years has been focused on the monitoring of the military-industrial complexes' covert programs being conducted at AREA 51 (a.k.a. Groom Lake Complexes, or DREAMLAND) and the alleged Site 4 area in Nevada.

Since the summer of 1989 he has extensively investigated and acquired substantial information on the goings-on at the secret military base and has been instrumental in the production of several TV specials, both Japanese and American. He has accompanied TV crews and journalists to Groom Lake's outer perimeters since 1990.

His speculation is that a secret global network of elitists ("cabal"), ever since 1947, "coincidentally" or not, just one year prior to the modern-day re- establishment of the State of Israel, has been concocting, disseminating and manipulating growing popular beliefs in "UFOs" and "alien presence" in order to stage a phony "extraterrestrial" series of events in the very near future to cause worldwide panic in order to bring about an urgency for the implementation of the first stages of a global government (the New World Order) upon the ashes of American sovereignty.

The time-frame to watch for could be anytime between 1998 and the year 2002. 1998, 1999 and the year 2000 are significant years in that each of these three consecutive years is numerically integrated with what could be described as "diabolical trinity". (1998 is the year of triple 666, 1999 divided by three results in 666.333 to infinity, signifying 666 plus one third....numerical (fractional) symbol for what the Bible refers to as "fallen entities", and finally, the year 2000 divided by three results in 666.666 to infinity).

1998, the first of these three years, is also "coincidentally" the 50th anniversary of the modern-day re-birth of Israel. 1947, one year before the re-birth of Israel, was also significant in that it was the year when CIA, the successor organization to OSS, came into existence, along with the National Security Act (with subsequent establishment of NSA .....

National Security Agency). 1947 was also the year when the Department of the Air Force was officially created. 1947 was also the year of the so-called Roswell "incident", which may possibly have been some type of a "necessitated" alternate "staged event" extemporaneously but tactfully set up to conceal some of the military's testing of several prototypes of "flying wing" aircraft and other experimental aircraft in 1945, 1946 and 1947 in White Sands missile range in New Mexico.

(According to a 1947 Army document which was re-graded and declassified on July 6 of 1994, the U.S. military already in 1947 had prior knowledge of several German prototypes of "flying wing" experimental aircraft which were test-flown in Lechfeld, Germany in 1943 and 1944.........after World War II, it is said that through Operation Paperclip, quite a number of German engineers and scientists were brought into the U.S. to continue their testing of these new experimental aircraft which they passed along to American scientists and engineers......these were late incorporated as part of the DEEP BLACK Projects at locations such as at AREA 51 in Nevada).

The technology required to simulate such a fake event is now being readied at locations such as at AREA 51, the nation's leading-edge technological research and development center for a new series of advanced triangular aircraft such as the alleged TR-3A (the "Black Manta"), new series of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), remotely- controlled surveillance and delivery platforms (some of which are oval-shaped), advanced aeronautics and avionics' integration with exotic weapons systems, electronic warfare programs, world-wide data control systems (Data Repository Establishment and Management -- DREAM), simulations technology (including the Battle Engagement Area Simulator/Tracker -- BEAST), developed by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory for DARPA's SDI programs, tridimensional "battlefield" holographic image projections technology, satellite reconnaissance and data inkage systems, integration with the HAARP systems (currently being expanded in Alaska and elsewhere and scheduled to be in full operation from 1998 on) and hosts of startling "mind-control" weaponry under the euphemistic name of "non-lethal" weapons systems.

Can the U.S. "government", by using high technology, soon deceive the public by simulating a series of "staged" "extraterrestrial" events for reasons yet unknown? See this fascinating two-hour video, the All New Visuals Version of SECRETS OF DREAMLAND. VIDEOSNorio Hayakawa's two-hour video, SECRETS OF DREAMLAND, has become an underground hit throughout the world since May of 1995, when it was produced.

His latest two-hour video THE PANIC PROJECT: AREA 51 is also rapidly becoming a hit. The videos are $24.95 each. To obtain the video, simply send a check or money order for $24.95 (shipping is already included), payable to: NORIO HAYAKAWA P.O. BOX 599 GARDENA, CA 90248 Tel. (310) 784-7705 The video (if ordered directly from Norio Hayakawa) comes with maps on how to get to AREA 51, detailed maps of AREA 51, the Groom Lake facility, the Building Directory, excerpts from the Security Manual at AREA 51, maps on how to get to secret aerospace facilities in Southern California and also some vital information on the secretive HAARP Project currently being tested in Alaska.

For those outside of the U.S., an International Postal Money Order for $30.00 (in U.S. currency) must be made payabe to NORIO HAYAKAWA THE PANIC PROJECT: AREA 51"Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil.

The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government"

Dr. Henry Kissinger, Evians, France, 1991 When Orson Welles aired H.G. Wells' "panic play", WAR OF THE WORLDS, over network radio in 1939 depicting an invasion of Earth from outer space - the public panicked. Some people committed suicide. In the minds of those mesmerized by "The Show" - the world has come to an end. It was only an illusion, then. But now, in the late nineties, as we rush toward Millenium 2000, we are confronted with new evidence that the military has been developing amazing exotic weapons for mass control, such as manned or unmanned "flying discs" and other aerial vehicles over the past half-century in Black Projects, the technologies whose origins of which we are still not certain.

Further still, evidence suggests that some of the "aliens" have been bio-genetically engineered at secret government laboratories. Does the American Illuminati have any reason to panic the public by "creating" a cataclysmic invasion from outer space? The elitists understand that the masses would have to be terrorized through the "staging" of an "event" for them to voluntarily give up their nations, their independence and their freedom to a global government that would offer to "protect" the planet from the space invaders (see Kissinger quote)


1947 U.S. Army Document on German "Flying Wing" Prototype Aircraft 1947 U.S. Army document page 1 1947 U.S. Army document page 2 1947 U.S. Army document page 3 AREA 51 - DECEPTIVE AGENDA FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDERI believe that there are prosaic explanations to the goings-on at "mysterious" AREA 51 :

But it's not that simple. It doesn't mean at all that there are no hidden agendas lurking somewhere behind the facade of this "top-secret" area in Nevada..... In fact, I believe that what is being readied there for a very near-future agenda will affect every single individual, like it or not. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on an individual's viewpoint on the subject matter), at least for this moment, the bottom line as far as AREA 51 is concerned, is as follows:

1) there seems to be no documented evidence whatsoever to the claims of Bob Lazar on AREA 51 and S-4.

2) there seems to be no physical, tangible evidence, furthermore, that there are (or ever have been) alien entities or alien-derived technology at AREA 51, or anywhere else, for that matter.

3) but there seem to be plenty of circumstantial evidences that the military has been experimenting with highly advanced, unconventional aircraft for many years in that general vicinity in Nevada, perhaps the least spectacular of which could be the black, triangular TR-3A (the Black Manta), the alleged, diamond-shaped Pumpkin Seed programs, the alleged Aurora programs and even some circular-winged aircraft modeled after the so-called (and alleged) Townsend Brown flying disk technology, as well as a new generation of stealth technology (including a new series of stealth helicopters), not to mention a new generation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)....... We must bear in mind that the 'government' in the past has brilliantly created "cover stories" to conceal the real agenda. If worse comes to worse, it can even take hold of and manipulate even the so-called "paranoid" conspiracy theories themselves to confuse and conceal the real agenda......

The so-called "UFO community", however, (per the likes of Bob Lazar, et. al., whether wittingly or unwittingly) seems to have succeeded in the total "mystification" of the entire AREA 51 concept, so much so that the 'government', I believe, has begun to manipulate such a belief system of the public (i.e., the "alien" connection to AREA 51) as it prepares to go ahead with its own "planned" agenda. AIR FORCE, AREA 51, UAVs and PSYOPS' HOLOGRAPHIC TECHNOLOGY From Norio HayakawaQuoting from CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT (June 3, 1997):....... PENTAGON'S NEW INFORMATION WAR + PSYOPS' HOLOGRAPHIC TECHNOLOGY.......

The March 31, 1997 DEFENSE WEEKLY ran a story, "Air Force Organizes For Offensive Info War". According to the article, the US Air Force has created the position of deputy director for information operations... An "Offensive Information Warfare" division will be created under the new deputy director. The division will have the organizational code AF/XO1OW and will be headed by Lt. Col. Jimmy Miyamoto....... Offensive information warfare, which implies attacks on both military and civilian targets, is among the least discussed aspect of the Air Force's moves to organize, train and equip the service for information dominance, the article admits....... The new information Operations office will coordinate with the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office and National Imagery and Mapping Agency....... New research efforts are under way to support this new program, including:...... Lethal HPM munitions.

The USAF Office of Scientific Research is working on developing a small affordable laser and high-powered microwave for unmanned aerial vehicles (*UAVs - such as the ones possibly being tested at Groom Lake Complexes (AREA 51) in Nevada, General Aerodynamics facility by El Mirage Dry Lake, north of McDonnell-Douglas radar cross-section site near Llano, California, Fort Benning, Georgia, covert facilities in Utah, etc. etc.) to perform a wide variety of missions, including enemy communications and computer systems....... Software viruses to be placed or injected into enemy weapons and information links.

Thsese viruses would remain dormant until activated by satellite, aircraft radar, or jamming equipment, etc. When activated, the virus would render the equipment useless, or better yet, "there could be a very subtle change for a finite period of time".......

Holographic projection. The article describes a quasi-information warfare/psychological operations program that was first discussed in the Air Force after Desert Storm. Holographic projection involves projection of a three-dimensional holographic image in project decoys, or even an "angry god" (religious imagery) above the battlefield....... The Pentagon had listed the holographic projections openly as part of its "non-lethal" weapons program. But since 1994, the program has disappeared from view, evidently now a "BLACK" effort, says DEFENSE WEEK....... In conclusion, the DEFENSE WEEK article states that the Army's JFK Special Warfare Center and School in late 1991 disclosed that it was looking to develop a PSYOPS Hologram System with a capability to "project persuasive messages and three-dimensional pictures of cloud, smoke, raindroplets, buildings......(*or, for that matter, even "flying saucers" and religious "figures")......The use of holograms as a persuasive message will have worldwide application". (END QUOTING)... (This looks like it will be a concentrated unit of soldiers armed with the very latest high-tech weapons systems). *Norio Hayakawa
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Area-51 & Area-52 Never Shut Down & Never Moved
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