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 Dr Joseph Moshe's wife sets the record straight.

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Dr Joseph Moshe's wife sets the record straight. Empty
PostSubject: Dr Joseph Moshe's wife sets the record straight.   Dr Joseph Moshe's wife sets the record straight. Icon_minitimeFri Nov 27, 2009 3:48 pm

Quote :
The Joseph Moshe that is in jail is a different person than Dr Joseph Moshe in Israel. The one that is in LA jail is 56 and clearly the Joseph Moshe in Isreal is Not 56. Joseph Moshe in jail has a history with mental illness and previous reports state that he make assaults to his elderly mother. Charged with elder abuse. Charges show only a misdemeanor. Has a history of mental illness. Something smells in Denmark. I don't know what to think about Dr Ott's claim of the caller "Joseph Moshe"definatly someone knows something. Please spread this out. Don't get me wrong I do believe a sinister plot is going on out in Ukraine. Just don't know how to wrap my thoughts around it. Any input would be great. Thank you all. Please spread this and join sub.
We are all in this together. If I see something not right I will expose it.

Important links to put together....hope your ready.

1.Joseph Moshe in Israel. Clearly not 56 years old.

2.Court Tracker. Find joseph moshe and click for more info.

3.Record of the estate. Owns property with other family members in LA.

4. History of mental illness. Standoff suspect had been charged with elder abuse aganst mother.

5.Can't seem to get a hold of Dr. Ott...Hmmm wonder why.

What is driving me nuts now is how did the caller know about this pleague?????? This really needs to be busted open..

Are these "so called" doctors themselves involved????
Is this a phyops operation on the public to test and see how we follow like sheep?????

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Dr Joseph Moshe's wife sets the record straight.
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