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 21st December 2012 - Earth saved by Planet Frondar!

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PostSubject: 21st December 2012 - Earth saved by Planet Frondar!   Fri Dec 21, 2012 10:56 pm

You all know of the Mayan prophecy and talk of an asteroid which was due to collide with Earth TODAY, 21st December, 2012. As you will no doubt have noticed, this has not happened.

And why? Because we have been saved by the Planet Frondar.

Despite the fact that secret military scientists from Earth are burning their forests, slaughtering and enslaving the Frondarian people, this remarkable alien race has still found it in its heart to save Planet Earth. Thanks to the Mimbs, which can communicate with ANY form of life, they managed to shift the asteroid that was going to hit us off course and send it towards Jupiter.

Today is a great day - we have been saved. A toast - TO PLANET FRONDAR!!!

And I hope by all the universe that our military realises how lucky we are and stops attacking these poor people!
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21st December 2012 - Earth saved by Planet Frondar!
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