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 the solar storm and Venus / Jupiter myth is an attempt to disguise planet Frondar

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PostSubject: the solar storm and Venus / Jupiter myth is an attempt to disguise planet Frondar   Sat Mar 10, 2012 9:55 pm

Lately astronomers have been babbling on about the so-called solar storms. They say that the sun is emitting waves that interfere with satellites, communication, aeroplane flight paths, and so on. There's also been a lot in the news (for those of us living in the northern hemisphere) about the Jupiter / Venus synchronicity that is taking place this month. Jupiter and Venus, they say, are coming closer together each night and will almost appear to collide.

This is a total lie - another conspiracy set up by authorities across the globe to hide the truth from us. The reality is that what we have been witnessing lately is a result of two Frondarian ships nearing the Earth.

Many will recall the astounding revelations made on this site about a new planet - Frondar - which has been recently discovered. The planet's existence, its intelligent life, and its connection with the Earth have all been fiercely denied and hush-hushed by the authorities. And yet, after instructions of how to travel there using the mind were revealed on this website, multitudes of people reported that they had tried the technique and been exploring the planet Frondar themselves on a regular basis.

But now comes the biggest cover-up of all - the smokescreen regarding the two Frondarian ships that are less than a million miles away from Earth.

After hearing of the Earth's state of affairs, the Frondarians decided to send their two largest ships on a rescue mission to try and undo some of the environmental mess we are in. This is not even widely-known on Frondar, and has certainly not been reported in the secret blog. After a turbulent journey using the latest Frondarian Tekkon Drive, which allows a ship to pass through black holes in seconds, the vessels have managed to reach our solar system. However, the massive blast of energy produced when they re-entered Dimension 3 space has been reported here on Earth as a solar storm. It most certainly is not, and if scientists had bothered to measure its characteristics properly they would see that the energy produced is of a kind which has previously never been reported by any Earth scientist. If we were able to harness this energy we would have enough electricity to power all the cities on Earth for over a month.

One of the Frondarian ships drifted slightly off course after entering Dimension 3 space and is currently repositioning itself to rendezvous with the other ship so that they can arrive on Earth together. Due to their orbits they can be seen each night in our northern skies. The authorities know this but are terrified of the public learning about the Frondarian visit. It would question their positions of power and force them to recognise the existence of the planet Frondar and alien intelligence.

The Frondarians shall be here on Earth very soon. No doubt the authorities will attempt another cover-up, but we must all be vigilant for any unusual signs in the skies.

We live in revolutionary times.
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Man in Black

Man in Black

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PostSubject: Re: the solar storm and Venus / Jupiter myth is an attempt to disguise planet Frondar   Sun Mar 11, 2012 3:36 am

Please, don`t duplicate posts.

Thank you
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the solar storm and Venus / Jupiter myth is an attempt to disguise planet Frondar
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