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 Beyond Kepler: Direct Imaging of Earth-like Planets

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PostSubject: Beyond Kepler: Direct Imaging of Earth-like Planets   Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:58 pm

Time: August 25 · 12:00am - 10:30pm
Location: Europa room, SETI Institute, 515 N. Whisman Rd, Mountain View CA

Speaker : Ruslan Belikov, Space Science Division, NASA Ames

Is there another Earth out there? People have been asking this question for over two thousand years, and we finally stand on the verge of answering it. The Kepler mission (which was featured in several of the past SETI talks) will likely find the first ever Earth-sized planet around the habitable zone of another star. This talk is about the next step after Kepler, which ...might be a mission to directly image Earth-like planets and analyze their spectra for biomarkers such as oxygen, water, and atmosphere. The talk will cover the technology of direct planet imaging, focusing on the work done at NASA Ames, as well as the science we might get out of it and some repercussions.
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Beyond Kepler: Direct Imaging of Earth-like Planets
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