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 Adolf Hitler ran the USA until 1968, JFK his favored married Jacqueline Hitler (known as Jacky Kennedy Onassis)

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PostSubject: Adolf Hitler ran the USA until 1968, JFK his favored married Jacqueline Hitler (known as Jacky Kennedy Onassis)   Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:56 pm

Hitler ended debt! You don't understand WW2 at all. Jew Paul Warburg designed the USA Fed. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is a system of debt-finance, where debt always exceeds the money available to suffice it. This PURPOSELY results in poverty & unemployment. Hitler ended this, he ended debt completely, where the German economics was a flat system, if you borrowed $10.00 from the bank you only paid $10.00 back. This ceased unemployment and poverty in that debt did not exist nor was handed off time & time again to someone else. This is why the Jews after beating him in WW2 made up the holocaust. Some Jews knew this and sided with Hitler, Gertrude Stein was one of them. Gertrude Stein is one Jew who won the Nobel Prize and nominated Hitler for it because he ended the debt-finance system which rescued the German people.

WW2 was about money, banking, economics remaining under Jewish control. Hitler took Germany away from international finance which was all Jewish controlled, by eliminating debt-finance which is Jew Paul Warburgs system "The Federal Reserve Act of 1913". When Hitler and Schacht eliminated this all poverty ended and all unemployment ended. It's because the flat system has no interest applied to loans, thus all loans are flat and no exploitation as occurs with the Jewish designed system exists. If you borrow $10.00 from the bank you only owe $10.00 as the definitive comparison proves. Society based on that system becomes very prosperous and happy, this was Nazi Germany.

If Jews are cheating me and hiding it successfully and I find it out, I will in turn voice my hatred about them doing this to warn people. Such is what Hitler did and is shown on the URL explaining Hitlers economics compared to the Jewish system.

Some Jews do not side with the Jewish Talmud which instructs Jews to "cheat all gentiles to ruin" by debt as proven by Paul Warburgs system. Gertrude Stein was one, and Hitler had many Jews free in Nazi society and many Jews joined the armed forces - this strategically has been kept from you. I'm here to rescue you from the lies.

Hitler lived until 1968 and ran the United States of America by the CIA an agency which he created by the request of Allen Dulles, Eisenhower, Patton and others after they were informed by interrogating SS soldiers that Hitler did not want war with the west, only the Communists and that the USA was tricked by the Jews who are the Communists. Hitlers alias was "James Jesus Angleton".

Hitler was a starship captain starting in 1947, he traveled to other planets and brought many people back to our Earth by their agreement although they are all ahead of us.

Martin Luther King speaks like Hitler because Hitler trained him to speak and he is from Saturn - - Samuel Jackson, Jesse Jackson, Tiger Woods, Will Smith, Muhamad Ali, and many others from Saturn.

The holocaust is a distraction ploy to keep you from investigating Hitler and his social works. It is easy to gather bodies at the end of a war and film them and say they were tortured or gassed. If what I say is not true then why don't you know the things I've stated here that are facts? Because only the holocaust is what you are taught to identify Hitler with.

Hitler by eliminating debt then allowed his people to flourish in education of which technology leaped forward by 1000 years enabling space travel:

Earth is a prehistoric planet compared to the others in our solar system and for the most part all planets. You will be convinced by zaha hadid, brought to earth by Hitler in the late 50s:

Zaha hadid is from Neptune. William Shatner is from Mars.

Mark D. Zahn
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Adolf Hitler ran the USA until 1968, JFK his favored married Jacqueline Hitler (known as Jacky Kennedy Onassis)
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