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 The Branton File on Abductions - The OMEGA File - THE BEGINNING (Pt.1)

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PostSubject: The Branton File on Abductions - The OMEGA File - THE BEGINNING (Pt.1)   Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:52 pm


The above quote was made under regressive hypnosis by one of the first publicized 'UFO abductees', Barney Hill who -- along with his wife Betty -- claimed to have been abducted by grey-skinned entities from a space craft which apparently originated from the Zeta II Reticuli star system. The Grey alien abductors were obviously working with the human military officer who was encountered by Barney. This military officer was apparently a full-fledged Nazi, although this incident took place over 15 years after Europe had 'supposedly' been de-Nazified. This quote can be found in the paranormal encyclopedia "MYSTERIES OF THE MIND, TIME & SPACE", p. 1379.

Those who are familiar with the connections between Nazi's and UFO's may find the following document easier to accept than those who have never been introduced to the reports of secret Nazi aerial disk experiments, much less reports of their secret collaboration with the so-called Grey aliens years before the corporate-fascist infiltrators and sympathizers within the U.S. Intelligence Agencies began making their own treaties with these same serpentine 'aliens'.

Much information has been released about an 8-Level underground base under Camp Hero near Montauk Point, Long Island where full-fledged Nazi and CIA agents have apparently been working on sophisticated time-space manipulation experiments, as well as microwave mind-control experiments aimed at large populations, which are -- according to researchers Al Bielek and Preston Nicholes -- being carried out to a greater degree than ever before under the cover of the Alaskan 'HAARP' project. It has been stated that unusual frequency broadcasts were detected all over Los Angeles prior to the L.A. Riots of 1992 shortly before the riots broke out, and there were inferences that the L.A. Riots were part of an "Operation Garden Plot" trial-run to establish martial law in America on the pretext of preventing a potential race war throughout the country.
The Montauk Projects, in collaboration with Brookhaven National Labs; the I.T.T. corp. [which is largely owned by the German Krupp family who built munitions plants for Adolf Hitler and which, according to Al Bielek, has terminal accesses to the "Alternative-2 black budget underground network" under some of its major facilities]; and the Bavarian THULE society [which provided most of the financial backing for the 'Montauk' or 'Phoenix' projects]... have -- according to numerous sources including abductees -- been working very closely with Orionite and Draconian 'Reptiloids' and 'Greys' based within an underground facility surrounding DULCE, New Mexico. This information comes from Preston Nicholes, Duncan Cameron, Al Bielek, and Peter Moon... all of whom claim to have had some connection to the Montauk projects, although in most cases CIA mind-control technology was used to induce an alternate personality in the workers there as an assurance that the secret activities remained concealed.

The Reptiloids in Alpha Draconis and Rigel Orion claim that they originated on earth in prehistoric times and were part of a bipedal reptilian or saurian race [like the cunning velociraptors?]. Now they are here to take back 'their planet' from the human race. In order to accomplish this, they are using multi-leveled deception and propaganda -- mostly through 'channeled' information and through information conveyed to 'abductees' -- to convince humans to capitulate themselves over to aliens 'guides' and thus allow the aliens access to their minds and in turn to our society in general. This same tactic, according to various contactees [Billy Meier, Jefferson Souza, Israel Norkin, Maurice Doreal, George Andrews, Thomas Castello, Alex Collier, etc.] has succeeded on many other colonial worlds that the 'Greys' have conquered, and it has also worked on this world to the extent that they have taken control of much of the 'underground black budget empire' -- a vast network of interconnected underground military-industrial bases and cities that have been constructed with the assistance of TRILLIONS [yes, I said TRILLIONS] of dollars siphoned from the American economy via taxes, drugs, organized crime, etc., money which has literally gone 'down the tubes', leaving our economy in a state of chaos. From this point and onward throughout this file, when the term 'Military-Industrial' complex is used, we are not referring to the U.S. Military in its entirety. In fact you could say that there is a definite and a violent conflict which is growing between what might be referred to as the "Military-Industrial-Executive" complex and the "Military-Congressional-Electorate" complex...

Americans are being carefully groomed as an economic slave society to serve the underground 'Master Race' WITHOUT their/our knowledge. Prices continue to rise, yet income continues to fall farther and farther behind. The change is almost imperceptible, like the proverbial frog in the pot [you know, if a frog is thrown into a pot of boiling water it will immediately jump out, yet if it is put into a pot of cool water and the heat is gradually increased, it will remain in the pot until it boils to death]. The alien-fascist underground continues to rely on our continued gullibility and ignorance to keep its empire scam going. One of their most guarded secrets of all, and one that they must protect at all costs, is that the Nazi's really didn't loose World War II. I know this may sound incredible, but read on.

The joint reptilian-fascist underground empire, complete with massive 'concentration camps' which make those in Nazi Germany pale by comparison, has chosen America as its major target because the Americas are the last bastion of freedom on earth. The 'takeover' is more-or-less complete within the underground systems, however numerous attempts to implement a joint Draconian-Fascist dictatorship in America have failed because of heavy resistance and support for a Constitutional form of government. God and the 2nd Amendment are really the only forces standing in the way of a complete takeover. This has prevented the 'outer world' from succumbing to this draconian invasion. Now that their secret is beginning to be exposed throughout the media in TV series' such as DARK SKIES, they are desperate. Their window of opportunity is closing and they must act fast, before the alien-manipulated military-industrial-complex comes under the control of the 'patriots', and the 'alien' technology in their possession is commandeered by TRUE Americans. This would mean that everyone -- not just the mind-controlled 'elite' -- will have access to interplanetary technology, which in turn would mean that freedom-loving Americans would eventually come to the defense of those interstellar cultures who have fallen under the oppression and control of the Draconian-Orion imperialists.

Many of those living on other worlds within this sector of the galaxy are descended from colonists who originally had their ancient genesis here on planet earth! I know this sounds incredible, however the reason for this will be explained later on. Many of these are of pre-Scandinavian or 'Nordic' heritage, and are for a large part peaceful and ethical beings. Now let me reiterate that I am not trying to imply that ALL of the 'Nordics' who are encountered in 'starships' [or UFO's] are non-Interventionists and wish us all the best. There are many collaborators who have joined with the interventionist-collectivist Draconian and Orionite forces, and many others who are under the direct psychological control of more malevolent 'aliens'. Neither am I trying to imply that ALL Reptiloids are out to destroy us. It may be more realistic to use the term INTERVENTIONISTS as opposed to NON-INTERVENTIONISTS, in spite of whatever species an 'alien' is a part of.
There is a third group who we might refer to as the COLLECTIVISTS who, because of their all-inclusive nature, are being torn between the Interventionists and Non-Interventionists. Several contactees have stated that the non-interventionists are centered in an alliance of mostly humanoid cultures in the Pleiades and Andromeda constellations; whereas the interventionists are centered in an alliance of mostly Reptiloid cultures in the Draconis and Orion constellations. The fact is that most of the leading interventionists are reptiloids whereas most of the leading non-interventionists are humanoids. If we apply this to the third chapter of the book of Genesis, then it would seem that the 'serpent' race is a 'wild' reprobate race which is ruled by base animal or predatory instincts. Since the reptilians have or did have in the past a limited degree of individual choice and since they are connected to the 'racial memory', this is to some extent their collective fault. However mankind must accept some of the blame because -- being created in the 'image' of God [possessing a conscience?] and possessing a soul, which the reptilians themselves lack [save for the some of the so-called genetic 'hybrids' or 'hu-brids'] -- mankind was originally created spiritually superior to the serpent race, or at least they/we WERE spiritually superior to them in the beginning. In other words man was given charge over the physical creation, something the angels themselves could not do because they were not created as material beings. And yes, they were also given charge over the most cunning and intelligent of all of the 'beasts', the 'serpent' race [Genesis 3].

If we are to accept the symbolic and/or literal interpretation of Genesis chapter 3, then it was the rebel angels who moved upon the serpent race and acted through them to deceive and destroy mankind's connection to the Creator or the Source of all LIFE. Once this connection was broken, the Divine supernatural flow was broken at the human level, and a creation which formerly had enjoyed perfection and harmony began to turn WILD. The Luciferians may have appealed to the jealousy that the serpent race harbored towards mankind, considering that mankind had been given a higher status in the scheme of things than their own race possessed, and once the Luciferians offered to give them power over humankind [sorcery] and over the creation [technology] in exchange for allowing the rebel angels to incarnate through their race, the reptilians accepted. In so doing however the serpent race for the most part lost their individual identities and became the absolute physical 'puppets' of the fallen angels. The desendants of these degenerate beings [Genesis 3, which I believe has a duel physical AND spiritual interpretation] constitute a large majority of the occult-technological manifestations which we know today as "UFO encounters". Only today the "serpent" comes in the form of a "Grey Alien" and the "forbidden fruit" is offered in the form of grandiose promises and occult-technology which will supposedly give the 'elite' human recipients 'god-like' powers over their fellow human beings.

Now you might say that I've lost touch with reality, that I've been reading too much science fiction, or have gone off the deep end of theological and eschatological speculation. Well, just consider this. IF a hostile alien force exists, would it not be logical for them to infiltrate powerful agencies on earth and use the influence of those agencies to relentlessly pound into the minds of the masses that those who believe in aliens and starships are lunatics, fools, imbeciles, and paranoids who have lost all touch with reality and should be consigned to mental institutions? That is EXACTLY what they would try to do, in spite of MASSIVE evidence to the contrary that such a reality DOES exist.

One of the major deceptions which the 'Draconians' have used to subvert humanity, especially intelligence agencies, is the idea that THEY -- the aliens -- genetically created the human race and placed us on this planet, and therefore they are our 'gods'. And so, powerful individuals with whom the aliens interact -- and who have been given promises which sound too good to be true, because they ARE, in exchange for their cooperation -- have opened the door for the alien infiltration and infestation of all levels of our society. That is, the infiltration of our society by collectivist-interventionist reptilian-based entities known as the 'Greys' and 'Reptiloids'. And the ancient black Gnostic 'serpent cults' of Bavaria, Germany were ready and willing to enter into a 'marriage of convenience' with these draconians because like the aliens themselves, they also wished to rule the planet. The aliens needed the global economic and fraternal connections of the 'Bavarian' secret societies, whereas the human 'elite' needed the alien mind control technology. The Bavarian elitists agreed to a certain percentage of the planet once the 'New World Order' was implemented.

Some 'contactees' such as Maurice Doreal claim that the reptiloids in prehistoric times lived in the Antarctic region, when it was a subtropical zone, and that they were subsequently driven underground and off the planet by a race or pre-Nordic humans whose lost and long-forgotten civilization now lies buried deep beneath the sands of the Gobi desert. Some of these scientifically advanced 'Nordics' migrated westward and eventually gave rise to the tribes who would in the course of time lay the foundations for the Scandinavian nations, whereas others went underground into a subterranean realm called 'Agharti', located generally below central Asia and the Gobi. Millions of Buddhists know the legend of Agharti, but they consider it sacred knowledge and are careful about revealing the 'secret of secrets' to skeptical Westerners. World travellers such as Nicholas Roerich in his book "SHAMBHALA" and Ferdinand Ossendowski in his work "BEASTS, MEN AND GODS" had gained the trust of these natives and detailed the legends of 'Agharti' in a humble and respectful manner.
According to ancient Agharian crystalholographic recordings which Doreal's 'Blond' friends -- from an underground colony below Mt. Shasta, California -- showed him within an ancient repository vault beneath the Himalayas, these ancient 'pre-Nordics' waged a war for the surface of the planet and later an underground war against the 'serpent' races which had taken residence within a system of massive multi-levelled underground caverns beneath the southwestern slopes of the Himalayas and the Indian subcontinent. These caverns were and are known by Hindus as the realm of 'Patala', or 'Snakeworld', where the 'Nagas' or serpent people dwell in their capital city of Bhoga-vita. Many Hindus considered the 'Nagas' to be 'demons', whereas others were prone to worshipping them. Aryan-Hindu legend tells of at least two enterances to the Nagas underground 'world', one of three worlds spoken of in Hindu cosmology. One entrance is believed to be Sheshna's well in Benares, India and another is located in the mountains surrounding Lake Manosarowar, Tibet. Both the 'Reptiloids' and 'Nordics' eventually left the planet, leaving the ancient remains and ruins of their cultures within the underground caverns. Similar ruins as well as current operational bases reportedly exist on and beneath the surface of the moon and Mars, along with signs of the ancient wars that the humanoids and reptiloids fought for control of the solar system before both species discovered how to manipulate hyperspace and began sending explorers and colonists to other nearby star systems.

The humanoids eventually colonized the Lyra, Pleiades, and Andromeda constellations as well as others; whereas the reptiloids colonized the Draconis, Orion, and Reticulum constellations, among other systems. The stories that contactees tell of the devastating battles and galactic massacres -- in almost every case initiated by the collectivist-interventionist reptiloids/greys -- between the two galactic superpowers are integral although controversial elements within the annals of Ufology. Now the 'war' is coming 'back home' one might say, in that 'Mother Earth' in addition to being the original home world is also perhaps the most strategic world in the galaxy when one considers its centralized location and the profusely of genetic materials, water, chemicals, minerals, flora, fauna, etc., in great abundance and variety.

The 'Draco-Orion' Empire agents -- who according to some contactees are operating within the comet-planetoid 'Hale-Bopp' and other numerous 'asteroids' in this system in order to conceal their activities -- are here to build an army of human mind-servants [via abductions, mind control implants, etc.] who they can program with alternate identities which are activated during abduction experiences. They realize that Terrans possess an inherent warrior instinct-passion and a potent 'metagene factor' resulting from a mixture of many racial lines which can produce specialized genetic abilities within individuals... instincts and abilities which the Grey-Reptiloid interventionists believe would be better harnessed and subverted than challenged.
They intend to use these programmed abductees as 'human shields' or weapons in the ancient war against their enemies in the 'Andro-Pleiadean' Federation, who incidentally maintain a massive underground basing system centered below the Death Valley region of California. This 'base' was originally established around 2500 B.C. by ancient navigators from Greece and India who discovered vast caverns within the Panamint mountains. According to Paiute Amerindian legends these "Hav-musuves" were dressed like Greeks and had constructed vast cities of "marble beauty" within large cavern systems deep beneath the Mojave desert regions, cities which some Paiute chiefs had seen with their own eyes. The "Havmusuvs" later developed an aerial technology once the inland sea which filled Death Valley in ancient times -- and connected it to the Pacific Ocean -- disappeared. At first this 'silvery flying canoes' which appeared in the skies around 1000-2000 B.C. were small, possessed wings, and moved with a loud 'whirring' sound. Later models were larger, wingless, and more silent. More sophisticated craft appeared that could travel between worlds, and later between stars, and as a result of their discovery of the secrets of 'Hyperspace Travel' they were able to colonize other worlds and star systems. The manipulation of Hyperspace was incidentally also a part of the Philadelphia/Rainbow projects of the 1940's and Phoenix/Montauk projects of the 1980's. Creating a hyperspace field is not as difficult as one might think, and essentially involves the electromagnetic generation and manipulation of magnetic and anti-magnetic fields. It is the concise 'focusing' of such fields in order to accomplish certain tasks without disastrous side-effects which is where things become complex.

The Andro-Pleiadean Federation forces based under Death Valley were reportedly in contact with Nikola Tesla -- through whom they guided the Navy's Philadelphia Experiments behind the scenes. Forty years later the Draco-Orion forces based under Archuleta Mesa had established contact with Dr. John von Neumann, who was director of the Montauk Projects on behalf of the [Nazi] Thule Society. The betrayal of the Navy's Philadelphia/Rainbow Technology to the Thule Society's Phoenix/Montauk Projects was accomplished by a joint CIA/NSA-SIRIAN-DRACONION "double agency" called the "Black Monks", who were involved in BOTH the Philadelphia AND Montauk projects. This agency was brought under the psychological control of the Draconian - Bavarian collaboration and became an instrument for the infiltration of these outside forces into American intelligence agencies, and in fact all levels of American society. As for the Phoenix [Montauk] and Philadelphia [Rainbow] projects, these are reportedly being carried out separately by 'Nazi' and U.S. Navy intelligence, respectively, as late as the 1990's and this has resulted in what might be referred to as a time-space war between the Andro-Plieadean-Navy backed "Philadelphian" agents and the Draco-Orion-Nazi backed "Phoenician" agents. There are even rumors that Nikola Tesla's death may have been faked, and that he escaped and joined a secret "Marconi" scientific underground colony somewhere in South America. If such rumors have any basis in fact, then what interaction if any they may have had with the secret 'Nazi' bases in South America remains a mystery.

In addition to the above, according to contactee Israel Norkin, Draconian and Orionite agents have been infiltrating the so-called "Ashtar" collective lodges based in Sirius-B, and have apparently commandeered a segment of the implant-based electronic collective "hive mind" for their own use, masquerading as "Ascended Masters" to facilitate an easy assimilation of Sirian cultists into their agenda. Other Sirians were able to see through the deception and, joining forces with the 'Federation' [Andromedans, Pleiadeans, Tau Cetians, Procyonese, Koldasians, etc.], they began to break away from the Ashtar collective's cultic stranglehold and develop their lost personal sovereignty and commenced to wage a relentless civil war against the Orion-Sirian collaboration, driving them from the system.

The Sirian resistance to the collaboration may have had its roots among those patriotic Sirians who remembered the devastating wars which had been fought in the past against the Orionites over which side would serve as the overlords for this immediate sector of space [21 star systems including Sol]. NOW the epicenter of the entire galactic battle is gravitating towards the Sol system as the Draconians, Orionites and their human collaborators are arriving here en masse to support a New World Order agenda which will serve as a power-base through which they can once again re-group their forces. Apparently planet earth, the original 'home world', is the KEY. If the Draconians and Orionites can impose a fascist New World Order on the planet, ruled by a human elite who are completely sold-out to their agenda, they believe that they can use planet earth and the New World Order as a base from which they can destroy forever their enemies in the Federation.

According to Preston Nicholes, Federation agents from the Andromeda and Pleiades constellation 'beamed' into the Montauk base under Camp Hero at the northernmost tip of Long Island, sacrificing their lives in an attempt to sabotage the projects there and prevent what they believed to be a very real and potential space-time disaster of apocalyptic proportions, which was being precipitated by fascist and alien scientists who were playing god by experimenting with the elemental forces of the universe. This might have been on the same scale of, or even worse than, the space-time disaster which was precipitated by an ancient antediluvian?] race, leaving a 'rift' in the time-space continuum in what has become known as the Bermuda Triangle.

Several thousand young people, according to Preston Nicholes, Peter Moon and Al Bielek, have reportedly been abducted by the CIA-Nazi-Grey collaboration and have been taken to the Montauk base for 'programming' and release. Several thousands more children who were part of the Montauk Projects -- before they were sabotaged in 1985 only to be reestablished at a later date by the CIA/NSA -- were abducted permanently and used in time-space dimensional window and mind control experiments. Most of these children, who were usually 'street kids' or 'homeless kids' who would not be 'missed' as much as the children of more wealthy parents -- were 'lost' in the other dimensions as a result of these experiments.

So then, according to some there is absolutely no doubt that -- as they did within the underground facilities of Germany -- the 'Nazis' and the 'Greys' are collaborating to this day from underground bases beneath Camp Hero [Montauk Point, Long Island]; Area 51 [Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada]; Dulce [Archuleta Mesa, New Mexico], and a massive underground facility below the Denver International Airport. This latter facility, according to 'inside' sources, is being prepared to be used as the New World Order control-center for America. Aside from the many anomalous stories that have surfaced from the D.I.A., there are bizarre accounts of strange tunnels and seemingly useless equipment at the Airport -- 'useless' that is unless one intends to confine and transport large numbers of people to deep underground concentration camps which are rumored even now to be active and occupied by unfortunate men, women and children who have mysteriously 'disappeared' from outer society.

Many Americans know on an unconscious or intuitive level that something has gone terribly wrong with their country, and the aliens/fascists are desperately trying to turn this frustration inward in order to further destabilize American society. An abused society will take out their frustrations on whatever they 'perceive' to be the source of the abuse. And in many cases the true abusers or oppressors will escape justice by carefully creating 'scape goats' who are 'framed' in order to receive the collective wrath of the nation... whether that scapegoat is in the form of a Lee Harvey Oswald, a Sirhan Sirhan, a Tim McVey, an Aldrich Ames, etc. Although such men may have been 'programmed' to do what they did, they are certainly NOT the ones who are ultimately responsible.

Are we headed for an impending war with an "underground empire" that was jointly established by Aliens and National Socialists who were given refuge within the Military-Industrial complex following the end of World War II? Area-51, the Montauk base, the Denver International Airport base, and the Dulce base seem to be the MAJOR North American centers of activity for the collaboration between the agents of the Bavarian Black Nobility cults [who have ruled vast financial empires in Europe for over 1500 years] and the alien 'Greys' -- although there are other bases located in other parts of the world as we will see... one of them being a joint Nazi-Alien network reputedly existing beneath the mountains of Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica -- possibly the very staging-base from where the 'aliens' who abducted Betty and Barney Hill operated. Another -- the "M.A.L.T.A" or "Montauk Alsace-Lorraine Time Archives" base -- is reportedly located in the Alsace-Lorraine Mts. near the border of France-Germany, and yet another 'Dulce type' base is said to exist near Alice Springs / Pine Gap Australia.
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The Branton File on Abductions - The OMEGA File - THE BEGINNING (Pt.1)
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