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 H1N1 - WHO places entire nation of Ukraine under quarantine

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Man in Black

Man in Black

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PostSubject: H1N1 - WHO places entire nation of Ukraine under quarantine   Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:55 pm


The entire nation of Ukraine is under quarantine by the World Health Organization and by their own Ukrainian government. No one is allowed to enter the nation, and no one is allowed to leave. All transportation in or out has been grounded. All border crossings are closed and heavily guarded. All schools in the country are closed. Most businesses are shut down. No large gatherings of people are permitted. Only medically necessary and government vehicles are permitted on the streets. People are generally confined to their homes. Not a word of what is happening is being printed or reported on by the news media. There is a complete news blackout. And people are dying by the hundreds every day. A few bodies are being buried when possible. Most are being burned. Almost everyone in the country is wearing masks or bandanas over their faces for protection. The disease is highly contagious and thousands of new cases are occurring daily.

Entire Article here: Gfwkr
Nachrichtensperre über die Lungen-Grippe
Geschrieben von: Rumpelstilz -
Mittwoch, den 18. November 2009 um 16:27 Uhr
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Man in Black

Man in Black

Female Number of posts : 1450
Age : 32
Registration date : 2009-01-28

PostSubject: Re: H1N1 - WHO places entire nation of Ukraine under quarantine   Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:59 pm

Report of one man:

I’m a US ex-pat living in Odessa on Ukraine’s south coast. It’s on the north end of the Black Sea. We are not in any armed lockdown or Martial Law. Except that many people wear surgical masks in public, or a high-collar sweater or scarf over their nose & mouth, everything is normal. Normal pedestrian & vehicular traffic.

There IS (has been) a quarantine of all state-run schools; primary, secondary and university level. It was for 3 weeks. The quarantine expires in 2 days — on Monday, 23 November. Students that I know are set to return to school.

There has been word that students should resume classes on Tuesday. Meanwhile, they should standby for an update. That is a bit curious and odd.

Residents bought up all the popular flu remedies except for garlic (renewable) which has tripled in price. In pharmacies (micro pharmacies compared to the US) you can buy almost everything over-the-counter. It is true that in Ukraine you need no doctor’s prescription 90% or more of the time. People here self medicate. Pretty much walk into a pharmacy and buy what you want. And pharmacies are plentiful.

Local news reports in late October (depending on which report) said 20-33 people died in the L’vov/Chernovtsy region which is in western Ukraine. If there is a best region here to conduct limited release & testing of biologic weaponry, and try to contain it and conduct a dubiously controlled spreading to other cities, that is the only region in Ukraine to do so. All other population centers are too tightly networked geographically and by commerce & travel.

People here say 2 things:
1) flu afflictions and deaths seem the same as always for flu season
2) this flu epidemic is political grandstanding by yushenko (president and puppet of Western global elitists) and tymoshenko (prime minister and quite power crazy). Ukrainians dislike both and trust neither.

But they say so with a caveat. They know something is happening regarding the “pig flu” (where there’s smoke, there’s fire), but they don’t know exactly what because their media is as bad as US mainstream propagandists.
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H1N1 - WHO places entire nation of Ukraine under quarantine
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